Small Business Owner’s Biggest Headache

Small Business Owner’s Biggest Headache

Considering the small retail stores in Pakistan, it’s a common scene at the small shops you will only find single workers who work for the whole day. If not, then there may be one or two helpers who mark their attendance periodically as the owner stays the whole time.

In this problematic situation comes the stacks of papers and dusting of the clutter you have gathered on your desk. Since you have to be on a safe side, you can’t trust your employees with the paperwork and definitely can not afford to lose your important notes, registers, accounts books and ledgers.

Organizations follow systems and procedures for all different types of tasks involved in a business, which helps them become quick, efficient and productive. But, the small ventures still face issues because of their limited income. They can not afford to buy software to manage their cash and accounts and hence they opt to perform it manually.

We figured this out and looked for some ideas that you can get your hands on and become more organized in your small business. Try one of the below for slow and sustained improvement or you may plan to incorporate a different management process in your business.


Take Control of Papers and Documents

Paper is the biggest source of mismanagement in many businesses. If you don’t file them up or work through a digital archiving system in place, you are prone to danger. Start by collecting all the papers lying around, assign them names like – keep pile and a discard pile, then shred or recycle all of the documents, magazines, newsletters, papers, cards, notes, etc., that made it to the second pile.

If you’re not sure where to start, review what types of documents you should keep and what you should dump. The rest is a piece of cake for the shredder.


Use the Right Productivity Tools

We all have our certain apps and tools we use every day to make our work simpler or maybe for fun, although some are probably more useful than others. This is why it has now become a need to, at least once a year, list down the apps and tools you are using in your business and decide if they still meet your criteria of managing stuff. This is also a time to consider whether any new tools could improve your business’ productivity.

You may have come across multiple such apps but in case you don’t know about the Udhaar app, you are missing out on some big technological enhancements.

Udhaar app is actually a digital Khata journal or ledger that lets you record your daily cash and credit transactions simply on your smartphone. It works online and offline, so you can manage your business on the go. It also sends reminder messages to your customers to collect Udhaar three times faster. And above all, it’s a free app without any monthly or annual charges.


Winding Up

The tips above will get your small business more organized immediately. But never forget how fast things can get out of control. Pair these activities with a resolution to conduct a quick and easy review of your papers, productivity tools​, and computer status a few times a month so you can stay organized and prevent things from reaching overwhelming levels of disorganization.

Is There Any App to Manage Personal Finance?

Is There Any App to Manage Personal Finance?

This is the most frequently asked question by all small business owners. Whether it be a general store, kiryana store, Dairy shop, book shop, restaurant, supermart, etc. Every retailer has the same problem.

As of now, people use paper registers to maintain their ledgers and record their personal finance. But, is this even safe?

A big no. All the shopkeepers and retailers using journals and registers are making losses on a daily basis. They sell commodities on credit for as minimum as 10 Rupees but there is no limit at the other end. It could be a million or maybe more. So, the question is, who is bearing all these losses?

Unfortunately, the business owner, who has no idea who came to the shop and what item was sold or what was the cost of the goods. And, this goes on, just like this.


Is There a Solution?

Mobile phones and other tech-devices have had a serious impact on how we live and conduct businesses in our day-to-day lives. Thanks to efficient mobile technology, we are now able to use our mobile phones to keep up with breaking news, speak to a friend in a different country, and even to learn other languages.

Another big opportunity that mobile phones offer is the ability to better control our day-to-day finances, even when we’re on the go.

With just a few steps, you can maintain the ledger, get customer’s details, and even transfer money from one account to another. Here are six benefits of having a personal finance app available for a smooth run.


Easier to Save

Savings in business is one of the hardest financial goals. This is because in today’s advanced world of digital mobile payments and that too several times in a day, it’s too easy to lose track of what you’re spending money on. But with a personal digital app, you’ll have full transparency into where you are missing out.

Checking how much you’re spending on eating out, groceries, shopping and morning coffee can be quite eye-opening. In fact, knowing how much you’re spending and what you should be spending may be enough to convince you to make a change and make your life easier.


No More Late Payments

We’ve all been forgetful, slipped up before and paid a bill after the due date. This is you as a customer, but what about your customers who forgot to pay their debts on time. Late fees and payments can happen to anyone.

There are mobile applications that will not only help you to remember but also assist you to remind your customers to clear the due without any harsh feelings.

A cool feature that many apps provide is the ability to alert you when a bill’s due date is coming. You can set up alerts to remind you a few days before the due date so that you can be insightful of any uncertain situation and pay the bill sooner rather than otherwise.

You can also send reminders to your customers to pay their outstanding bills without making them feel disgusted. For example, one such app is the Udhaar App.

Udhaar app lets you collect your Udhaar three times faster by sending them free SMS reminders. You can also send them transaction reports on a monthly, weekly or daily basis with just a few taps and clicks.



While you may have dozens of apps on your cell phone, there’s surely room for one of the most important and useful apps to ever exist. If you’re considering downloading a personal finance app to improve your financial health, don’t wait! The benefits are truly endless.

How You compare Udhaar app to other credit Apps?

How You compare Udhaar app to other credit Apps

A great way to improve cash flow and earn profits is to go digital with your accounts, that is, by incorporating a credit management application. Managing credit can be difficult especially if retailers lose track of their customers to whom they have sold goods on loan. Luckily, technology has helped eliminate numerous problems associated with credit management and to put it simply, Oscar Udhaar helps you keep track of your debts as well as give credit to customers easily and efficiently.

With Oscar Udhaar, business owners may never miss an opportunity to achieve growth, profits, and overall positive results.

Oscar Udhaar features are easy to use and are offered in both Urdu and English which makes it accessible to store owners from all areas across Pakistan.

With Udhaar, storeowners can keep track of their customers online and offline whilst keeping their information confidential.

Business owners can add their customers’ names and phone numbers, whilst data is saved and encrypted as soon as the user makes an entry in the Customer Phonebook. This will help in automating your account ledgers instead of having to rely on man power.

Moreover, Udhaar’s tracking feature allows businesses to keep track of their customers’ payment schedule so that each payment is made without delay or any sort of fraud.

Apart from these benefits, you can also change or edit entries with only a couple of steps, allowing you to take full control.

Oscar Udhaar is the innovative solution for businesses in Pakistan as the features are easy to use and the overall system of the app is efficient.

The main benefits for business owners, are the following:


Effortless Management

Regular audits regarding the debts of your business is mandatory, but doing it manually is stressful and time-consuming without the use of technology. Your business could face trouble if payments are delayed or customers have defaulted and you could eventually go bankrupt. Oscar Udhaar, helps you keep track of your customers’ payment schedules and receive payment on time.


Avoid Errors

Without an advanced credit management app, your business has to manually review data and identify errors. In addition to this taking an unnecessary amount of time and energy, the risks associated with human error and data theft are significant. Thanks to Oscar Udhaar, hiring additional employees to analyze data is no longer needed and the risk of human error also diminishes. When you upgrade to an automated application, you are ensured that all data is entered into the system accurately and can be extracted on demand within minutes.


Improved Security 

Protecting your customer’s data is a serious concern that requires your full attention. Your customers trust you with their phone numbers, business records and other important information. Any mishap with this data and your customers get affected by identity theft or financial fraud. Moreover, the organization may have to face a public relations controversy and be exposed to lawsuits. Fortunately, Oscar Udhaar, keeps all your customer information in the high security cloud base and saves information as soon as entries are made. It is a paperless process that can save your business good amounts of money otherwise spent on consultation.

With Oscar Udhaar downloaded on your mobile phone, you can work from anywhere. You can access data through the mobile app and respond to client inquiries anywhere and at any time, without being tethered to a workstation or office. This will save you time and help you manage your business efficiently. With this application your business always gets the best experience!

Why is Udhaar App the best app to note your Daily Khata?

Why is Udhaar App the best app to note your Daily Khata?

If you own a business and heard about Udhaar app, you must be wondering what on earth is that?

Udhaar app has been trending for quite a while and has got everyone thinking about how they can benefit from this app.

In this blog, you will learn about the functionality and features of Udhaar app that took businesses by storm. You will also learn how is Udhaar app useful for your business, how it will contribute to your business growth, and finally – why Udhaar app is the best app to record business transactions.


The Big Idea Behind

Udhaar app is a Pakistani app and the first of its kind. It was built with a goal and the actual challenges faced by Pakistani retailers. We all have seen it a thousand times that a retailer after making a trade, writes it down in a register, diary or some kind of journal. What happens later is, the shopkeeper loses it just because they can not find or remember the noted records and eventually undergo heavy losses.

Udhaar app, on the other hand, deals with this trouble single-handedly. It manages your business khata, ledger, and accounting by keeping a track of every cash and credit transaction you make on a daily basis.


About Udhaar App

Udhaar is a FREE application for personal and commercial use. Udhaar app helps you manage credit (Udhaar) with customers and suppliers.

Udhaar app is an online ledger (like an online khata or journal) to record your outstanding debt, and send auto-reminders to customers to increase collection and cash flow. It’s an easy, safe, and reliable app with amazing features like reporting, multi-language support, data backup, offline mode, and many, many more.

It sends a reminder message to all your customers who have their payment outstanding and may have unintentionally forgotten to clear the dues.

Udhaar app also provides you reports of all or individual customers. The reports will be available in PDF format and can be extracted daily, weekly or monthly to suit your needs.


Why Do You Need Udhaar App

Your business needs Udhaar app because it:

  • Adds customers’ Udhaar anytime, anywhere
  • Keeps your updated hisab-kitab in your pocket
  • Is convenient to use a mobile app and view Udhaar details on the go
  • Has simple and flexible UI which can be optimized on any screen
  • Can quickly sync all your contacts from your phone. Your address book is used to easily connect you with your contacts so there’s no need to log out & search hard for usernames
  • Maintains your credit and debit history in the cloud so you never lose your important data
  • Improves transparency – Customer gets SMS update for every transaction and can view their hisab in Udhaar app
  • Keeps your data safe even if you lose your phone or in any unfavorable circumstance
  • Allows you to enter money transactions with a few clicks
  • Automatically calculates Udhaar amount after each transaction
  •  Provides 100% ACCURATE and RELIABLE Results and it’s free – without any hidden charges

Why Is Udhaar App Popular Among Small Businesses?

Why Is Udhaar App Popular Among Small Businesses?

Why Is Udhaar App Popular Among Small Businesses?

If you are a small business owner running a – general store, medical store, vegetable shop, mobile shop, dairy, book shop/photocopier, etc – And face challenges because of the customers buying goods on credit, you are at the right place.

The biggest problem that shopkeepers face is they don’t remember the amount of Udhaar outstanding on a customer. Obviously, no businessman can remember the Udhaar amount of 50+ customers who visited his store a month ago. As a result, someone has to bear the losses.

Unfortunately, the one who pays in this scenario is the small business owner who is heavily reliant on the little payments by their customers on a daily basis. He is the one who works for the whole day to gather that little amount of cash and takes it back home to feed his family or loved ones.

Having said that, there are two possible solutions to this widespread dilemma. You either try to break the stereotype or figure something out of the box. Breaking the stereotype could be viable and long-lasting but time taking and difficult at the same time. So what’s the out of the box solution?


Old Problems Need Modern Solutions

Fortunately, technology in this generation has always been there. It’s just a matter of time you find it, you make use of it and make your life easier. Keeping in mind the problem, two budding developers came up with a credit management solution app and named it Udhaar app.


About Udhaar App

Udhaar is a FREE application for personal and commercial use. Udhaar app helps you manage credit (Udhaar) and your daily Khata with customers and suppliers.

Udhaar app is an online ledger (like an online khata or journal) to record your outstanding debt, and send auto-reminders to customers to increase collection and cash flow. It’s an easy, safe, and reliable app with amazing features like reporting, multi-language support, data backup, offline mode, and many, many more.


Extensive Udhaar Features

With the Udhaar app, Udhaar collection is no longer a hassle. You can collect your Udhaar three times faster. Let’s have a look at the following features.


  • Udhaar Collection Reminders

No need to remind customers of outstanding Udhaar. Send free reminder messages via SMS or Whatsapp. You may also generate your own customized text and mention the important details like the list of the items bought, deadline and the like.


  • Reports & Account

Manage your business on the go. See your reports and outstanding Udhaar balance by customers from any phone, anywhere, at any time.


  • Multi-Language Support

English or Urdu, communicate with your customers just like you speak with them in person.


  • Online & Offline 

Works online & offline with automatic data backup, so your data is 100% safe & secure.

Udhaar app is indeed the right option for you. We suggest you stop wasting time with paper registers and calling out customers. Install the Udhaar app now on your phone and spend the precious time with your family and loved ones.



Small Business Ideas On a Budget

Small Business Ideas On a Budget

It has been difficult for small businesses to bring in foot traffic lately. But brick-and-mortar stores who strategize their stores’ promotions and manage their activities are successful in bringing in more customers. Taking into consideration the success of online businesses, promoting physical stores might seem like a hard nut to crack but with the proper promotional ideas, brick-and-mortar merchants can be as successful as their online counterparts.

There are several ways to attract customers to your store, but instead of going old-school, let’s try something out-of-the-box. Below is a list of unique ideas to boost foot-fall into your brick-and-mortar stores.


USB Chargers

The fact that every other person holds a smartphone these days makes USB chargers extremely useful. If you have noticed, crowds of people gather around charging stations at airports and such. Why not give potential customers a chance to enter your store?


Free Wi-Fi

One of the most viable ways to engage customers with your brand is to offer free Wi-Fi. Consumers are a bit annoyed by the limited data offered by the cell phone providers, you can take advantage of the pain-point and offer free Wi-Fi in your store. Along with the foot-traffic, this can also lead to more sales.

If you are already offering free Wi-Fi, you can go beyond this by offering devices to customers at your store. Placing IPads throughout the store is a good option. This can be a way for customers to learn more about your products, engage with your app, take and post photos with your product, test out your product and more.


Give your customers a Break

Shopping can be exhausting and uncomfortable at times. You can give customers a break and relaxation while encouraging them to keep on shopping by providing a lounge-like area. This area may include entertainment, refreshments as well as other comforts.

Television can be a great way to relax and make customers feel at home. You can research your customer base and think of what they watch or you can simply cast channels according to your product assortment. For example, if you sell sporting goods, cast ESPN, Ten sports and the like.


Use Of Mobile Applications

This is simple and won’t require space as well. Many small and large-scale retailers are now using easy mobile applications to make their routines simpler and better. Technology is a headache until you start using it. For example: when the time Whatsapp was launched, people thought the app to be strenuous and left it for entertainment purposes only. However, the hype was created by the time and people soon started to realize that this app could be a game changer.

What we got to do is to change the current mind-set and at least try to make things easier for ourselves. People who are using these apps are not from a different world and certainly not aliens. These apps are developed to be simpler and what us retailers can handle. Like, one such app is Oscar Udhaar app.

Oscar Udhaar app is a free business tool for personal and commercial use. The purpose of this app is to get rid of paper registers and record your daily khata on your cell-phone. Just after you enter the transaction, a free SMS is sent to the customer notifying their purchase and credit amount. This way, the retailers do not have to remind them on every visit to pay their debts, since the Udhaar app takes all the responsibility.


Winding Up

When searching for innovative ways to attract customers to visit your brick-and-mortar location, get creative. As long as you are organized and mentally prepared, you can understand your customer base and find unique opportunities to encourage them to visit your shop.