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Simplify inventory management

Automate inventory management to accurately manage bulk stock in no time.
Udhaar item Inventory

Keep stock in check with smart & simple inventory manager

Udhar itemInventory

Manage stock accurately

Pick and choose items from the Udhaar Book catalog builder or manually add items to easily manage hundreds of goods.

Udhar stockisLow

Know when stock is low

Receive low stock alert whenever any of your inventory items has fewer units remaining than the minimum inventory level.

Udhar keepyourStockSafe

Keep your stock 100% safe

Manage stock with Udhaar digi khata. Keep note of all your inventory items & minimize stock wastage and theft.

Manage inventory anywhere - free

Auto update stock on every sale. Accurately manage inventory and always satisfy your customers.

Auto update stock with sales

Automatically update total inventory with every cash or credit sales you record with Udhaar digi khata book. Just add an entry in the credit book or cash book whenever you sell something from your inventory to record hysab kytab in the cashflow as well as reduce the inventory level.

Udhaar autoUpdateStock
Udhar checkInventoryLevel

Check inventory levels

Check stock levels any time with the Udhaar credit book app. View inventory summary, value and units stored. With Udhar easy khata app, spend less time in manual stock calculations and more time with your customers. Always know what’s in stock & satisfy your customers demands.

Edit stock manually

Edit inventory details such as name, quantity, or costs in real time with Udhar easy khata app. Update inventory cost and value with 1-click to sync in-store stock automatically. Easily update stock levels everytime pricing fluctuates to accurately calculate itemized profit margins.

Udhaar editStockManually

Run your business the right way with Udhaar Book

Udhaar udhaarbook

Manage udhaar transactions

Quickly manage and record credit transactions on your phone with Udhaar credit book. Send auto reminders to easily recover udhaar 3x faster.

udhaar cash book

Manage sales & expenses

Whatever your business, manage hisab kitab on your phone with cashbook. Easily record daily cash flows—no notebook or calculator required.

Udhaar Vouchers

Earn money with vouchers

Sell PUBG, FreeFire, Netflix & many other demanded vouchers at your shop. Earn upto 4% commission on every voucher you sell and grow your business.

Such a nice app. Automatic calculation and PDF and SMS reminder. I am very impressed from this app.
Star Maker Lovers
This app is so easy and very interesting. With this app your coustomers refund your payments.
Jani Khan
Amazing app, your whole business activities are in your pocket. I faced some issues but the Customer service team resolved within a few minutes. Go Green guys.
S Ali