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Manage staff & payroll

Get full service payroll to manage attendance, overtime & salary in one place with the best digi khata app.
Udhaar staff payroll

Pay timely salaries with #1 payroll software for small businesses

Udhar staffAttendance

Mark staff attendance

Mark all your employees' attendance or paid leaves. Generate attendance reports & easily manage staff attendance.

Udhar manageOvertime

Manage overtime

With Udhaar Book, add overtime, deduct late fines, and mark paid leaves. Manage all your staff from the attendance list.

Udhar paySalariedOnline

Pay salaries online

Pay employees salaries online with the Udhaar easy khata app. Easily transfer salary from your Udhaar wallet to staff account.

Payroll management simplified

Better manage your staff by paying accurate salary on time with Udhaar digi khata’s staff book - a free payroll manager that can handle everything.

Calculate accurate salary

Calculate salaries in seconds for all your staff and avoid delays. Satisfy your staff with timely payments and keep them happy. Set up an employee profile in one tap. Mark daily attendance, record lates & overtime and calculate salary accordingly with Udhaar creditbook app.

Udhaar calculateAccurateSalary
Udhar manageDuesandAdvance

Manage dues & advance payments

Record advance payments or pending dues and pay your employees accordingly. Note every advance payment request in the Udhaar easy khata staff book, to automatically deduct amount from the following month’s salary. Easily carry forward pending dues onto the next month's salary and pay your staff accordingly.

Share salary slips with staff

Generate salary slips for all your employees with Udhaar easy khata app. Download and share salary slips with employees on WhatsApp or print salary slips with Udhaar Book web app. Keep transparent record of all your employees salary with Udhaar digikhata Staff Book feature.

Udhaar shareSalarySlip

Business management tools fit for your business

Udhaar udhaarbook

Manage udhaar transactions

Quickly manage and record credit transactions on your phone with Udhaar credit book. Send auto reminders to easily recover udhaar 3x faster.

udhaar cash book

Manage sales & expenses

Whatever your business, manage hysab kytab on your phone with cashbook. Easily record daily cash flows—no notebook or calculator required.

Udhaar Vouchers

Earn money with vouchers

Sell PUBG, FreeFire, Netflix & many other demanded vouchers at your shop. Earn upto 4% commission on every voucher you sell and grow your business.

Whenever I add transactions to Udhaar book, then it sends free Automatic SMS reminders to the customer along with the customer ledger. Maintain the accounts and leave no room for mistakes.
Muhammad Kamran
Udhaar Book App is a very nice application and very very simple. Its method is very easy to use.
Tasawar Aslam
The app is very useful & easy to use. Keep your business transactions with u anywhere anytime.