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Why Is Udhaar App Popular Among Small Businesses?

Why Is Udhaar App Popular Among Small Businesses?

Why Is Udhaar App Popular Among Small Businesses?

Why Is Udhaar App Popular Among Small Businesses?

If you are a small business owner running a – general store, medical store, vegetable shop, mobile shop, dairy, book shop/photocopier, etc – And face challenges because of the customers buying goods on credit, you are at the right place.

The biggest problem that shopkeepers face is they don’t remember the amount of Udhaar outstanding on a customer. Obviously, no businessman can remember the Udhaar amount of 50+ customers who visited his store a month ago. As a result, someone has to bear the losses.

Unfortunately, the one who pays in this scenario is the small business owner who is heavily reliant on the little payments by their customers on a daily basis. He is the one who works for the whole day to gather that little amount of cash and takes it back home to feed his family or loved ones.

Having said that, there are two possible solutions to this widespread dilemma. You either try to break the stereotype or figure something out of the box. Breaking the stereotype could be viable and long-lasting but time taking and difficult at the same time. So what’s the out of the box solution?


Old Problems Need Modern Solutions

Fortunately, technology in this generation has always been there. It’s just a matter of time you find it, you make use of it and make your life easier. Keeping in mind the problem, two budding developers came up with a credit management solution app and named it Udhaar app.


About Udhaar App

Udhaar is a FREE application for personal and commercial use. Udhaar app helps you manage credit (Udhaar) and your daily Khata with customers and suppliers.

Udhaar app is an online ledger (like an online khata or journal) to record your outstanding debt, and send auto-reminders to customers to increase collection and cash flow. It’s an easy, safe, and reliable app with amazing features like reporting, multi-language support, data backup, offline mode, and many, many more.


Extensive Udhaar Features

With the Udhaar app, Udhaar collection is no longer a hassle. You can collect your Udhaar three times faster. Let’s have a look at the following features.


  • Udhaar Collection Reminders

No need to remind customers of outstanding Udhaar. Send free reminder messages via SMS or Whatsapp. You may also generate your own customized text and mention the important details like the list of the items bought, deadline and the like.


  • Reports & Account

Manage your business on the go. See your reports and outstanding Udhaar balance by customers from any phone, anywhere, at any time.


  • Multi-Language Support

English or Urdu, communicate with your customers just like you speak with them in person.


  • Online & Offline 

Works online & offline with automatic data backup, so your data is 100% safe & secure.

Udhaar app is indeed the right option for you. We suggest you stop wasting time with paper registers and calling out customers. Install the Udhaar app now on your phone and spend the precious time with your family and loved ones.



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