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 1. What makes Udhaar Book the perfect business app?

Udhaar Book stands out as the perfect business app due to its comprehensive range of features, from ledger management to diverse sources of extra income.

2. How does Udhaar Book help in managing accounts?

Udhaar Book digitizes and streamlines udhaar transactions, facilitating faster recovery through SMS reminders, making account management efficient.

3. What features does Udhaar Book offer for cash management?

Udhaar Book’s Cash Book feature enables easy tracking of cash transactions, with an in-built calculator and options to add sales, expenses, customer contacts, items, inventory, and payment modes like Easypaisa, Jazzcash, and bank transactions.

4. How does Udhaar Book simplify inventory management?

Udhaar Book’s Stock Book feature allows users to manage inventory effortlessly, with options to add items from a pre-updated list, upload custom item lists from CSV files, and handle profit calculations seamlessly.

5. What functionality does the Staff Book feature provide?

Udhaar Book’s Staff Book feature facilitates the management of staff attendance and monthly salaries, enabling owners to mark attendance, disburse wages digitally, and provide advances efficiently.

6. How does Udhaar Book streamline invoicing?

Udhaar Book’s Bill Book feature enables the generation of digital invoices with ease, allowing customization of invoices, addition of customer details, and sending payment links via WhatsApp for prompt transactions.

7. How can users earn extra income with Udhaar Book?

Udhaar Book offers various avenues for earning extra income, including commissions on easyloads, bill payments, voucher sales, and bus ticket sales.

8. What is Saddar, and how does it benefit users?

Saddar is Udhaar Book’s B2B wholesale marketplace, offering a wide range of products like mobile accessories and cosmetics at wholesale rates, allowing retailers to maintain significant profit margins.

9. Where can users access Udhaar Book?

Udhaar Book is available for download on both Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS devices, as well as through its website version for personal computers and laptops.