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Earn money on easyload & packages

Oneload app for easyload & packages across all 4 telecoms – Jazz, Zong, Telenor, & Ufone.
Udhaar easyload

Sell easyload & packages, earn commission & make money

udhar collectUdhaar

Earn commission

Earn up to 2.2% commission on every easyload with Udhaar digi khata. The commission amount is based on the network.

Udhar incurZeroExpenses

Incur zero expenses

Earn money with Udhaar Book without any investment. Just add easyload amount to your Udhaar wallet & start making money.

Udhar moneybackGuarantee

Money back guarantee

Earn 100% risk-free income with Udhaar digi khata. With full money back guarantee, making money is 100% safe & secure.

Sell recharge with the safest app

Sell easyload or load packages through your phone with Udhaar digi khata oneload app. Easily boost your income without making any investment.

Load 4 networks with 1 phone

Sell Jazz, Ufone, Telenor & Zong load with 1 phone through the Udhaar Book app. Earn commission on every easyload, recharge or mobile package. Offer 24/7 easyload services to prepaid & postpaid customers from your phone with Udhar easy khata app & load balance to recharge customer networks.

Udhaar loadfourNetwork
Udhar sellBundleandearnextra

Sell bundles & earn extra

Earn up to 2.2% commission on every easyload you sell with Udhaar digikhata book. The more easyload you sell with udhaar khatabook, more money you will make. So sell prepaid and postpaid easyload on all neworks and earn limitless money. Make your life stress free with extra income.

Make money with 1 click

Sell easyload with Udhaar Book in seconds to earn commission. Add load amount to Udhaar wallet through IBFT, Easypaisa or JazzCash select Jazz, Ufone, Telenor or Zong network and instantly recharge customer balance.

Udhaar makeMoneywithOneClick

Discover more ways to scale your business

Udhaar Vouchers

Earn money with vouchers

Sell PUBG, FreeFire, Netflix & many other demanded vouchers at your shop. Earn upto 4% commission on every voucher you sell and grow your business.

udhaar BillPayments

Make money on bill payments

Udhaar digi khata makes it easy for you to reap higher profits by paying customer bills. Earn up to Rs. 12 everytime you pay any of your customers' bills.

udhaar payments

Accept instant payments

With payment links, request payments from any customer to recover udhaar and receive money from any bank or wallet to save time and get paid faster.

Whenever I add transactions to Udhaar book, then it sends free Automatic SMS reminders to the customer along with the customer ledger. Maintain the accounts and leave no room for mistakes.
Muhammad Kamran
Udhaar Book App is a very nice application and very very simple. Its method is very easy to use.
Tasawar Aslam
The app is very useful & easy to use. Keep your business transactions with u anywhere anytime.