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Small Business Owner’s Biggest Headache

Small Business Owner’s Biggest Headache

Small Business Owner’s Biggest Headache

Considering the small retail stores in Pakistan, it’s a common scene at the small shops you will only find single workers who work for the whole day. If not, then there may be one or two helpers who mark their attendance periodically as the owner stays the whole time.

In this problematic situation comes the stacks of papers and dusting of the clutter you have gathered on your desk. Since you have to be on a safe side, you can’t trust your employees with the paperwork and definitely can not afford to lose your important notes, registers, accounts books and ledgers.

Organizations follow systems and procedures for all different types of tasks involved in a business, which helps them become quick, efficient and productive. But, the small ventures still face issues because of their limited income. They can not afford to buy software to manage their cash and accounts and hence they opt to perform it manually.

We figured this out and looked for some ideas that you can get your hands on and become more organized in your small business. Try one of the below for slow and sustained improvement or you may plan to incorporate a different management process in your business.


Take Control of Papers and Documents

Paper is the biggest source of mismanagement in many businesses. If you don’t file them up or work through a digital archiving system in place, you are prone to danger. Start by collecting all the papers lying around, assign them names like – keep pile and a discard pile, then shred or recycle all of the documents, magazines, newsletters, papers, cards, notes, etc., that made it to the second pile.

If you’re not sure where to start, review what types of documents you should keep and what you should dump. The rest is a piece of cake for the shredder.


Use the Right Productivity Tools

We all have our certain apps and tools we use every day to make our work simpler or maybe for fun, although some are probably more useful than others. This is why it has now become a need to, at least once a year, list down the apps and tools you are using in your business and decide if they still meet your criteria of managing stuff. This is also a time to consider whether any new tools could improve your business’ productivity.

You may have come across multiple such apps but in case you don’t know about the Udhaar app, you are missing out on some big technological enhancements.

Udhaar app is actually a digital Khata journal or ledger that lets you record your daily cash and credit transactions simply on your smartphone. It works online and offline, so you can manage your business on the go. It also sends reminder messages to your customers to collect Udhaar three times faster. And above all, it’s a free app without any monthly or annual charges.


Winding Up

The tips above will get your small business more organized immediately. But never forget how fast things can get out of control. Pair these activities with a resolution to conduct a quick and easy review of your papers, productivity tools​, and computer status a few times a month so you can stay organized and prevent things from reaching overwhelming levels of disorganization.

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