There is no question about the impact of automation on revolutionizing some of the most important areas in business management. While there are several aspects of automation in the business world, a payroll management app has by far made things even simpler and efficient for both small and large businesses. More than just a technical function, Udhaar, a Digi khata, payroll application also helps to shape how your business operates.

A part of the crucial role of ensuring your employees are paid accurately and on time every month, a payroll management app ensures the business is compliant from a tax and employment legislation perspective, keeping up to date with new regulations as they arise. In addition, payroll application also plays a huge role in developing employee trust within your business. Ensuring payments are accurate and paid on time every month is important for developing trust. During challenging times and times of change, having a streamlined and quick payroll app is critical for maintaining this. Udhaar App caters to meet the needs of today’s businesses. 

Moreover, a payroll management app also works with other business aspects including Finance, HR, and Audit. Payroll management is the biggest and most important expense of business and it impacts all areas of your business affecting cash flow, productivity, and success. Another role of Udhaar, a Digi khata, payroll management app is the fact that businesses can create professional and personal customized invoices, and also by using payroll mobile app they can keep track of paid and unpaid invoices.

Furthermore, the payroll management app saves a lot of productive time as everything is done automatically. There is no need for clarifications of any issue as everything is crystal clear in reports. Therefore, with payroll, mobile app employees do not have any doubts to clear like before and no time is wasted on such clarification issues. Due to this a lot of precious time is saved that can be utilized in business production. Businesses can download Udhaar, Digi khata app on both android and iOS making it a valuable asset for their future business growth.


All companies need to track the cost of doing business, an integral part of which includes managing expenses. While large businesses have typically replaced paper reports, piles of receipts, and spreadsheets with expense management software, smaller businesses are more likely to hold on to the inefficient manual systems. Using Expense management software has made expense management easier.

The management of expenses is an inevitable need of small businesses to enhance their profitability. So small businesses need expense management software to enhance and boost productivity. Udhaar Book is a digital khata app that enables small businesses to maintain multiple business functions. The key benefits of expense management software are:

Faster Process

Udhaar Book, a digital khata app is the best app for expense management as it eliminates paper usage and allows businesses to automatically route expense reports to the accounts department and pay approved expenses electronically. This reduces the time and cost of processing expenses.

Faster Employee Reimbursement

Using the Udhaar expense management app, employees recoup out-of-pocket expenditures much faster than using outdated manual processes. This results in enhancing employee satisfaction. In addition expense management software reduces the likelihood of data entry errors. This App also helps us flag duplicate entries thus preventing overpayment.

Enhanced Productivity

Using the expense management app of Udhaar Book, employees can scan receipts using smartphones and submit reports to managers from anywhere. Moreover, reduced processing time and costs increase efficiency and enable employees to spend more time on high-priority tasks.

Simplified Reporting

Reporting and analytics provide real-time insights into a company’s spending. Options are available for reporting expenses incurred by employees, by project, and by category. Udhaar Book expense management software makes it possible to consolidate expenses into a single report. In addition, businesses can identify high spending individuals, chronic policy violators, and the expense trends of every employee. Udhaar app download option is available both on android and ios.

Benefits of Inventory Management

Benefits of Inventory Management

1. Higher Productivity
Udhaar Book is an organized and systematic business management app that offers inventory management to do more in less time. Managing inventory will cut down on the time it takes to process and track your stock. You can download the best management app free and can check the stock amounts on all your inventory. One can track what is selling more and what is not and find supplier information.

2. Better Profitability
Track to see what goods are popular this period and what goods will be popular next period. Download The Udhaar app, the simple management app free to keep an eye on the stock and tracking reports illustrating what is selling well or poorly. Investing more in the stock that sells means it will increase profit for your business.

3. Easy Inventory Management
Manage Inventory processing by tracking stock, inventory numbers, and connected costs, use inventory management to save time. With clear visibility of the stock movement, you’ll always know the status of your inventory for good inventory management practices.
Inventory tracking through Udhaar App automatically updates the quantities on hand when buying and selling products in real-time for quicker processing.

4. Reduces Aged Inventory and Deadstock
Using Udhaar app sort your inventory by date to know which orders have come in first, and check the quantity on hand to determine how much you need to sell. Knowing what goods are going out of date soon, especially for perishable inventories, means selling aged stock before it becomes deadstock and loses your business money.

5. Better Customer Service
Providing customers with what they want, when they want it, is a massive part of customer satisfaction. Your business can keep the popular stock in-store by utilizing automatic low stock alerts. View the quantities on hand and quickly order more with all your supplier information in one spot through Udhaar App.
Keeping sought-after products in stock and on the shelves can also turn one-time buyers into loyal customers. They know you’ll have what they need, and that makes them appreciative of your services, returning, again and again, to buy from your business. Therefore, Udhaar Book can help you retain customers and produce new ones.

6. Decreases the Chance of Stock-Outs
Udhaar Book helps businesses prepare for various events, such as a stock-out, that affect the business. A stock-out happens when there is an unexpected demand for a specific stock, causing the product to sell out. Using inventory tracking can help your business prepare for these eventualities.
Low stock alerts, real-time inventory valuation, and automatic quantity updates are all features that will help you adjust to the supply and demand of the market and of your customers.

7. Accurate Expense Tracking
Download the best management app free to track expense which is an important part of any business, and inventory is no exception. You can check reports to calculate the total sales, total taxes, and other relevant financial information, for example, real-time inventory valuation and to help you keep track of your inventory costs and revenue.

How a Payroll management app can improve business operation?

How a Payroll management app can improve business operation

Companies nowadays want their business operations to be smoother, quicker, faster, and automated. In this era of technology, most businesses prefer relying on a payroll application for easy payroll management rather than opting for manual payroll management techniques. Choosing a reliable payroll app can help a business improve its productivity and increase ROI.

 An effective Payroll application can have multiple benefits for a business. One of the main objectives of a payroll management app is to track the schedule of employees. The ease of getting to know when the employees logged in and logged out from a smartphone app can be very beneficial for the business owner and/or an HR professional. The other most important feature of a good payroll application is accuracy in payroll which is considered to be an essential element as there is always a risk of error. Any error can cause loss to a business and to ensure accurate payroll, a payroll application or an application with a payroll feature incorporated, can be very beneficial. Udhaar App takes everything into account while recording payroll elements to insure correct calculations.


Udhaar Book offers various services through its app. Udhaar is a Digi khata app that enables small and medium scale businesses to maintain a ledger account and manage their udhaar khata. Udhaar app download enables a person to manage multiple business functions such as sales management, payroll management, expense management, and a lot more. One of the core features of Udhaar Book app is payroll, salary, and attendance on a mobile phone.

Send Money to JazzCash Mobile Account

Send Money to JazzCash Mobile Account

Using your JazzCash Mobile Account, you can send money to your family, friends, or business partners in a matter of seconds. You can instantly transfer money from your JazzCash Mobile Account to another JazzCash Mobile Account or another operator’s Mobile Account.

Money can be transferred from your JazzCash Mobile Account to your CNIC and from your JazzCash Mobile Account to your bank account.

  • Dial *786#
  • Select ‘Send Money’
  • Select ‘To Mobile Account’
  • Select Operator
  • Enter Receiver’s Account Number
  • Enter Amount
  • In case of another operator Mobile Account, enter receiver’s Mobile Number
  • Review transaction and enter MPIN to confirm

Service Charges:

Every month, the first ten JazzCash Mobile Account to JazzCash Mobile Account transfers are free; after that, you’ll be charged 0.5 percent of the transaction value (inclusive of tax).

Mobile Load from JazzCash Mobile Account

Mobile Load from JazzCash Mobile Account

You may buy Mobile Load for ANY network, anytime, anyplace with a JazzCash Mobile Account! You can buy Mobile Load not only for yourself but also for your friends and family members using this service.

Product Features

  • This service is available for all JazzCash Mobile Accounts Users
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Instant SMS notification

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Customers who purchase Jazz Load of Rs.100 or more
  • Minutes/SMS & MBs incentive is valid for prepaid Jazz subscribers only.
  • Jazz Load of minimum Rs. 100.


  • 1000 Jazz Minutes, 1000 SMS, and 100 MBs
  • Minutes, SMS, and MBs are valid for 2 days (posting day plus one)
  • Free Jazz Minutes will not be available from 6 PM to 9 PM
  • Free MBs will not be available from 9 PM to 1 AM
  • Offers are subject to suspension on special occasions at the company’s discretion e.g. Eids, Special Holiday’s, etc
  • Call setup charges of Rs. 0.15 will be consumed to make calls from the free minutes’ bundle

QR Payments through JazzCash

QR Payments through JazzCash

For a quick and convenient shopping experience, JazzCash consumers can pay at retailers by scanning QR codes with the JazzCash App. Customers who do not have access to a smartphone can make payments by phoning *786# and entering the 8-digit Till Number.

Users with a JazzCash Mobile Account can also pay at any merchant that displays the JazzCash or Mastercard QR codes. Customers can also get exclusive savings at partner brands when they pay using the JazzCash App.

Here’s how you can make QR payments through JazzCash App

Open JazzCash App and tap the Scan QR button

Scan QR code via App

Enter the amount and confirm the transaction with MPIN

Here’s how you can pay through the JazzCash menu *786#

Dial *786# and select Till Payments

Enter Till Number/Merchant ID

Enter the amount and confirm the transaction with MPIN

How to Link Payoneer Account With Jazz Cash

How to Link Payoneer Account

How to Link Payoneer Account With JazzCash

To begin, open the JazzCash app. (Don’t forget to update the app from the Play Store.)

On the JazzCash App, you will now notice a Payoneer icon.

As shown in the image above, click on the Payoneer account icon.
Now you’ll see some instructions for connecting it to Payoneer.

Now click on Link Account.
It will prompt you to enter your Payoneer account and password. Enter your Payoneer account’s username and password.

You will now be taken to a screen where you can withdraw money as soon as your account has been linked with Payoneer.

As you can see, your Payoneer balance will be displayed on this app, and you will be able to withdraw a minimum of $1 from it. Simply enter the amount and press the transfer button.
The transfer rate is also visible in Yellow Box.

JazzCash and Payoneer Partner Up!

JazzCash and Payoneer Partner Up

JazzCash and Payoneer have partnered to make it easier for Pakistani freelancers to collect cash by allowing them to create or link their Payoneer accounts directly from the JazzCash app.

Freelancers can now register for a new Payoneer account or link their existing Payoneer account to JazzCash through the JazzCash mobile account application. There is no need to go to a bank branch and provide the required papers to open an account.

Payoneer funds can be deposited directly into the Freelancer’s mobile account. The cash can be used to pay utility bills, transfer funds, acquire Mobile Top-ups, and make online payments, among other things, once received. Additionally, money can be easily withdrawn by visiting any of the 80,000+ JazzCash agents or by visiting an ATM near you.

JazzCash or EasyPaisa – which one is better?

JazzCash or EasyPaisa – which one is better

Both JazzCash and Easypaisa have advantages and disadvantages. Easypaisa can be used on any sim, however, JazzCash is solely available for Jazz sim subscribers. Both JazzCash and Easypaisa have apps on Google Play, but the Easypaisa app has a considerably more pleasant and useful user experience than the JazzCash app.

JazzCash does not have many options for its customers, but with the passing of time, they are introducing new innovations and services such as Payoneer. Easypaisa, on the other hand, has many more deals and discounts for its users, and it is widely available. None of them offer international payment services. Furthermore, Easypaisa’s prices are less expensive than JazzCash’s.

It would be simple to choose between the two based on your requirements. Because if you’re a freelancer, JazzCash is the way to go; otherwise, Easypaisa is the way to go. It’s entirely up to personal preference.

Which should you choose?

Our recommendation is to utilize both. The advantage of using both is that many offers that offer a 10% discount on JazzCash may also offer a 15% discount on Easypaisa, and vice versa. It’s beneficial to have both accounts, especially if they’re both free to open.