Safe, Simple & Easy; Manage your Udhar with Udhaar Book

Safe, Simple & Easy; Manage your Udhar with Udhaar Book

As a business owner, you have to wear multiple hats and solve various problems daily to maximize profitability. Whether it’s an established business or a new venture, there are many areas where you need to invest time personally to manage everything. The key element of having efficient business operations is to maintain an accurate record of everything and using manual methods will not help you accomplish this task. Using manual methods of keeping records can have various disadvantages such as;

  • Khata registers getting misplaced or damaged;
  • Manually checking and maintaining inventory;
  • Manually taking attendance and calculating salaries/overtime;
  • Making receipts on a piece of paper and keeping all those receipt copies safe;
  • Manually calculating total sales, purchases and expenses.



Udhaar Book can help you solve all these problems through its safe, simple, and easy-to-use app. Udhaar Digi khata is an online accounting app that can help you record and manage your Udhar khata without hassles.

Udhaar Book App is all that you need!

Udhar khata book offers a wide range of services for you to use when managing different sorts of business transactions and activities. A business goes through multiple sorts of transactions and activities every day, and you need to record all that with absolute accuracy. Udhaar Digi khata can help you on the following fronts;

  1. Managing Udhar: There are multiple transactions daily where you purchase and sell goods on cash or credit. These transactions can be with a supplier or a customer, and they can also be a staff member. Udhar Digi khata app helps you to record all such transactions quickly and accurately. If it’s an udhar that you need to pay, you can record it under the tab “To Give,” and If it’s an udhar that’s receivable for your business, you can record that under the tab “To Take.”
  2. Cash Book: There are multiple day-to-day activities in a business that requires paying in cash. With the Udhar cash book, you can easily record such cash transactions. You can also easily generate detailed daily, monthly and weekly reports to have an overview of your business.
  3. Staff Book: You can use the staff book feature in the Udhar app to add staff members, take attendance, and calculate salaries and overtime for the entire team without any hindrances.
  4. Stock Management: Udhar khata book allows you to conveniently individual products with their respective price and quantity and see each product’s stock levels. Udhar digi khata app also sends alerts when you are low on stock of any item.
  5. Digital Invoicing: The Digital Invoice feature in the Udhar Book app helps you to create professional invoices in no time. You can also see which invoices are still pending and can send SMS/WhatsApp reminders right from the app.

Udhaar Digi khata app is a one-stop solution to help eliminate manual recording and facilitates businesses in error-free digital khata management. Udhaar Book helps you easily manage your Udhar with customers and suppliers right from your smartphones. Udhaar Book is available for both IOS and Android devices, and you can also use the Udhaar Book web app.


Business BEenefit From Invoice Book App

Managing a current business while meeting new clients is crucial for a business to sustain itself. However, you cannot take the entire business wherever you go. Technology has become smart to make your life convenient. While you cannot carry your whole business out, you can download Udhaar Digi khata to take your business along with you while on the move. Udhaar khata book has invoice book features that can benefit businesses in many ways.

By using Udhaar Digi khata, businesses can quickly create and send invoices anywhere, anytime and quit spending hours creating an invoice at the end of the week. In addition, while many invoice book apps have a monthly fee, businesses can benefit from Udhaar Digi khata app’s free download option.

Businesses can track which invoices have been paid and which are outstanding. With Invoice book app, a business can sort invoices by paid, unpaid, or overdue from their mobile. In addition, Udhaar Digi khata app allows businesses to send an invoice to customers through WhatsApp. Also, Invoice book will enable businesses to collect invoice payments digitally to collect invoices faster and improve cash flow. Moreover, with Udhaar khata book, businesses can send the invoice to customers in different languages like English,Urdu, Sindhi and Arabic.

Furthermore, Udhaar book app’s Invoice book app is convenient to clients as they can easily and securely pay invoices from their phone wherever they are. In addition, Invoice book app allows businesses to easily send reminders to customers to settle their invoice payments. Other than the invoice book feature, Udhaar Digi khata also has the Cashbook and Credit book feature that allows businesses to track income and expenses and manage business finances/debt.


Digital Payment is Better Than Cash

Generally, businesses view payments as just another form of customer touchpoint, but the tremendous shift in technology has proven that digital payments will create a lot of opportunities for businesses to grow faster. Because of constant technical advancements, digital payments have witnessed a sudden revolution. With Udhaar Digi khata, you do not have to go to banks frequently to deposit your payments.

One of the most apparent advantages of digital payments is how quick they are, especially for major purchases. Counting out cash can take a lot of time for businesses and customers, and similarly, writing a check can take just as long. However, when businesses accept digital payments, customers only need to grab a card and swipe it. In addition, if businesses accept digital payments online, customers can pay from home according to their time. In this way, digital payments free up time and make cash flow more seamless for businesses. Udhaar invoice book allows you to collect invoice payments digitally with Easy paisa, Jazz cash or other bank accounts for no cost.

Another important reason digital payments are better is security. The problem with walking around with a large amounts of cash is the risk of money getting stolen or lost. Checks are also not much safer for businesses and customers as there is a risk of check fraud. These risks can be avoided by encouraging digital payments instead of cash. Udhaar, Digi khata is 100% safe and secure, so businesses and individuals can make digital payments without hassle. In addition, business owners can use Udhar cashbook and credit book features to record cash in and cash-out transactions and manage their business finances.

Furthermore, there are more benefits of digital payments. For example, with digital payments, businesses can sell to other countries and customers in foreign countries can pay online. Also, with Udhaar khata book, it is easy for both individuals and businesses to track and maintain the digital record of every transaction, so it reduces the chances of errors.


How Businesses can Benefit from Digital Khata

Managing your company’s finances can be difficult, which is why businesses need an online app like a Digi khata that helps you track your money as it flows in and out of your accounts. In addition, a Digi khata allows businesses to make digital payments, manage their inventory, manage sales and give online pay slips to employees. From automating invoices to tracking cash flow, here’s a look at the main ways your business can benefit from a Digi khata.

Managing your finances is one thing, but you need something more formal when running a business. Pen and paper and spreadsheets may be ok, but they won’t give you the insight that a Digi khata can. Udhar book Digi khata organizes and stores your financial data in one location. It enables you to get a complete view of your business’s financial performance in real-time. In addition, Udhaar book Digi khata facilitates you to automate invoicing. You can create recurring invoices, send follow-up reminders and accept digital payments.

A common accounting mistake that businesses make is failing to track business costs accurately, they might face a cash flow shortage because of this. However, a Digi khata can help prevent this as it allows businesses to manage expenses. Moreover, whether you run a retail store or operate online, you need to be aware of your inventory as businesses don’t want to run out of the most popular product. Udhar book Digi khata app can help businesses manage their inventory. It allows for tracking products sold, setting reordering thresholds, and running reports on items that are doing well and those that aren’t. Udhaar book Digi khata is an all-in-one solution for businesses as it has a feature of khata book, credit book, cash book, and inventory management.


Importance of Credit Book App for Small business

Most business owners might have initially used a spreadsheet to track finances. That’s a good tactic to start but with this type of manual system as a business grows it will certainly become a challenge to stay on top of all your transactions. That’s where accounting software comes in. Accounting software is capable of recording and categorizing financial transactions like paying bills, sending invoices, managing payroll and running reports. Udhaar credit book app is one of the best accounting software in Pakistan. Initially small businesses might face difficulty in understanding technical know how of a credit book app but later the advantages of a credit book app will outweigh the difficulties of getting started.

Like any new system there is an investment of time to set up the credit book app Once you do, it will save you hours of work each week by handling the time consuming manual bookkeeping process automatically. Small businesses won’t need to download details from credit cards or bank accounts and manually enter data into spreadsheets. Udhaar credit book app will pull all data for you automatically.

No more waiting while your administrative assistant puts together your monthly reports. Credit book app have built in reports that update automatically. Small business owners can know key insights about income and expenses for the month, quarter or year with the click of a button. If small business owners have specific reporting needs, they can use the Udhaar credit book app and customize reports by filtering the data. In addition, small businesses can use the Udhaar app to even handle their payroll while their business is still growing. They can automate payments to employees and get accurate payroll tax information.



Nowadays, as everything is going digital, businesses like auto parts businesses should also use digital processes to operate their business efficiently. This will help them to reduce the cost of the business. Udhaar book is a digi khata app that facilitates businesses to operate their business efficiently as it has features of cash book, digital invoicing and inventory management.

Before starting the auto parts business, it is essential to look for an ideal location, as it can impact your business. You should open the auto parts shop near an automobile garage/workshop as this can help to increase your sales. Once you have opened the auto parts business it is important to manage it efficiently. Using the digital invoicing feature of Udhaar book, the owner of auto parts shop can keep record of paid and unpaid invoices. Plus, it facilitates in sending reminders to customers of their invoices and also allows them to make digital payments. This helps to improve cash flow of the business. Moreover, as there are a variety of parts available in auto parts shop, therefore it might be difficult to maintain it manually. Udhaar book, which is a digital khata app has a feature of inventory management that allows owners to track the inventory level of different parts. The inventory management feature also facilitates owners to get reminders of low stock so that they can restock that item.

In addition to this, the cash book feature of Udhaar book allows auto parts businesses to manage their ledger account. Using manual methods to track income and expense, creating ledgers and reports can be time consuming and difficult. However, with the cash book feature of Udhaar book owners just have to add the cash in and cash out transaction and the cash book will automatically calculate the net cash balance and profit. Plus, the owners of auto parts shop can download Udhaar book online app and get daily, weekly and monthly reports on their fingertips.


In today’s competitive world operating a general store successfully is important. To ensure the success of a general store it is necessary to provide the customer an experience they will talk about. This will ensure repeat business and also bring in new customers through referrals. There are plenty of different ways one can use to grow their general store.

One way to grow a general store is to choose the best location to open a general store. One should open a general store in a location where the population is high or where the number of shoppers from the general store is high. And when choosing a location, one should make sure that there is no other general store nearby.  Manual record keeping of daily sales or the profit earned at your general store can be difficult with other general stores in the vicinity. The cash book feature of Udhar book facilitates you to record the daily sales and track income and expenses at your general store. Also the cash book automatically calculates all cash in and cash out and gives you the total profit earned.

Moreover, if customers don’t get the products they want from your general store then they will move to other general stores, this will cause loss of sales. So to meet the demand of customers it is necessary to manage the inventory at your general store. By using Udhar book, which is a digi khata app you can keep record of inventory at your general store. Plus, the inventory management feature of Udhar book facilitates you to get alerts of stock out at your general store so you can order new stock beforehand.

In addition to this Udhar book invoice generator makes it easy to create sales invoices, send digital invoices to customers who have purchased from your general store and also accept digital payments from your customers. Also the invoice maker feature of Udhar book makes it easy to make professional invoices and track paid and unpaid invoices.



Managing sales properly is a difficult task, there is so much to do. Using a professional system is probably the best way to combat your sales management troubles. There are a lot of benefits businesses can gain by investing in a quality sales management system. Udhaar book is the best app for sales management that can not only aid businesses in tasks such as preparing weekly or monthly reports but also help you see your reports and outstanding balance by customers from your phone at any time. Sales management system gives businesses a complete view of customers. It provides accurate sales, marketing, customer service information with detailed information of customer characteristics and preferences. Sales management app allows you to make the most of every interaction and make decisions based on real time and up to date information.

Inadequate information can lead to inaccurate sales forecasts. The best sales management system captures data efficiently and provides critical information that helps sales representatives to make accurate forecasts. Moreover, a sales management system can also help manage inventory so that sales managers can make important decisions on new deals.

Furthermore, Udhaar a digi khata app is the best app for sales management as it makes it easier for the sales team to view new leads and update the leads status anytime and from anywhere on their smartphones,thus preventing sales representatives from  delaying their work.

In this digital era, solely relying on conventional sales efforts is not enough. Lack of real time information, delays in taking action and improper decision making can cause businesses to lose many good opportunities. Sales management mobile app allows you to monitor and optimize every interaction. It provides easy tracking of information so that efficiency and productivity of business can be significantly improved.


The transaction can take place both in cash and on credit. In a business, they are recorded in different books depending on the nature of the transaction. Cash transactions are usually recorded in a cash book. The cash book is a book in which all cash transactions in a business are recorded in a chronological order after analyzing the transaction.

In the accounting system, the importance of cash books is immense. One of the reasons a cash book is important is: when cash transactions are recorded in a journal a lot of time and labor is involved. But using a cash book avoids this as all cash transactions are directly recorded in a cash book which is in the form of a ledger. This helps to save time and the labor costs.

Moreover, a cash book also helps the manager to view the cash and bank balance at any point in time as it is the established method of recording all financial transactions. In every business the number of cash dealings is generally large. Since cash can be simply stolen, the cash record of a business must be up to date. For this very reason, businesses should use the Udhaar cash book app that manages your cash in and cash out. With a cash book app you don’t need a calculator or notebook to manage your cash because a cash book gives real time calculations.

Furthermore, the cash book provides all information regarding total receipts and expenses of the business at particular periods. With Udhaar cash book app, it is possible for businesses to get daily, weekly and monthly reports at their fingertips. Plus, they can easily create separate books and ledgers for all businesses. They can manage everything from Udhaar cash book app. Finally, it can be said that a cash book is a book of record and a part of the ledger with Udhar Cash book playing a vital role in it



Nowadays many startups are emerging each day and the existing businesses are also expanding. This means increased competition in the market so businesses find it difficult to retain customers. Sales management system is a solution, as it helps to track the information of the potential customers which allows businesses to provide the goods that are demanded by customers.

Businesses should choose a sales management system that matches with the sales team objective, requirement and expectation. Udhaar app is the solution as it is the best app for sales management. There are some key features that businesses should look for before choosing a sales management system. In every business it is necessary to have a coherent sales management. With sales management mobile app customer data is organized in a centralized location. In addition to this it also helps you get a complete view of sales activity, deals offered and tasks undertaken. It also provides complete view of customer and their interactions so far

Another feature of a sales management system is allowing you to satisfy customers by delivering the products on time. It also helps businesses to track the delivery process from the moment the order is placed till it is delivered to your customer. With a sales management mobile app, you can track all this information from anywhere and at any time. Whether you are a startup or an existing business, sales management is necessary. So to manage sales operations efficiently businesses should choose Udhaar sales management system as it is secure, accurate and 100% free. In digital Pakistan businesses can download Udhaar digi khata app on IOS and android both. As Udhaar app download allows a person to manage different business functions like sales management, payroll, expense management and a lot more.