JazzCash or EasyPaisa – which one is better?

JazzCash or EasyPaisa – which one is better

Both JazzCash and Easypaisa have advantages and disadvantages. Easypaisa can be used on any sim, however, JazzCash is solely available for Jazz sim subscribers. Both JazzCash and Easypaisa have apps on Google Play, but the Easypaisa app has a considerably more pleasant and useful user experience than the JazzCash app.

JazzCash does not have many options for its customers, but with the passing of time, they are introducing new innovations and services such as Payoneer. Easypaisa, on the other hand, has many more deals and discounts for its users, and it is widely available. None of them offer international payment services. Furthermore, Easypaisa’s prices are less expensive than JazzCash’s.

It would be simple to choose between the two based on your requirements. Because if you’re a freelancer, JazzCash is the way to go; otherwise, Easypaisa is the way to go. It’s entirely up to personal preference.

Which should you choose?

Our recommendation is to utilize both. The advantage of using both is that many offers that offer a 10% discount on JazzCash may also offer a 15% discount on Easypaisa, and vice versa. It’s beneficial to have both accounts, especially if they’re both free to open.

What is the difference between JazzCash and MobiCash?

What is the difference between JazzCash and MobiCash

JazzCash, originally MobiCash, is a Pakistani supplier of mobile wallets, mobile payments, and branchless banking services. Mobilink (now Jazz) created MobiCash in 2012 in collaboration with their subsidiary bank, Mobilink Microfinance Bank. It has a 64 percent market share in mobile money transactions.

In collaboration with MasterPass, it also offers a digital payment option through QR code.

Mobilink (now Jazz) established JazzCash in collaboration with Waseela Bank, which was eventually renamed Mobilink Microfinance Bank. MobiCash was renamed JazzCash in 2016.

JazzCash teamed with Payoneer in 2020 to offer freelancers a way to withdraw payments from their Payoneer account using their JazzCash wallet. More than a million of these accounts are currently linked to JazzCash.

What is JazzCash ReadyCash?

What is JazzCash ReadyCash

ReadyCash is a new loan service from JazzCash that will process and issue you a loan in a matter of seconds!

ReadyCash is a quick and easy way for JazzCash Mobile Account clients to get small-dollar loans for a short period of time. The ReadyCash service will credit loans to your Mobile Account immediately, allowing you to use the funds to satisfy your short-term lending needs. Customers no longer have to go through lengthy documentation or processes to obtain a loan with ReadyCash. ReadyCash is your fast loan with just a few clicks on your smartphone!

Customers can use the ReadyCash service for four weeks, with the option to pay it back sooner. A single loan of up to Rs 10,000 can be taken out by a single consumer at a time. The service is currently in beta and is only offered to a select group of clients who will be notified of their eligibility through SMS.

How can you open a Jazz Cash Account?

How can you open a Jazz Cash Account

Step 1
It’s as simple as dialing *786# from your verified Mobilink phone number. This string will create a Jazz Cash account for you, which you can then reload using the menu supplied to you through SMS.

Your phone number will be used to create a JazzCash account. A mobile phone number can only have one JazzCash account.

Your Jazz Cash Account will be assigned a four-digit MPIN. This pin will be needed to verify transactions from your JazzCash account; keep it safe and don’t give it to anyone else.

Dial 4444 to make changes to your JazzCash account.

Step 2
You must now fund your JazzCash account with funds.

You can do so by visiting a JazzCash shop and depositing funds into your JazzCash account using your phone number (which will be your account number). Provide your phone number to the retailer and pay him to put money into your account.

You can also deposit funds into your JazzCash account using a bank account. The beneficiary bank will be Mobilink Microfinance Bank, and the account number will be your JazzCash account number.

Using internet banking, link this account number to your bank account and transfer money to your Jazz Cash account.

Step 3
After you’ve deposited funds into your JazzCash account, you may begin making payments.

It’s worth noting that you can pay using JazzCash even if you don’t have an account. However, the maximum amount you can pay is Rs. 15,000 only.

What is a JazzCash Mobile Account?

What is a JazzCash Mobile Account?

A JazzCash Mobile Account is a real bank account that is linked to your phone number and can be accessed via it. With this Mobile Account, you’ll have complete access to financial services from anywhere, at any time! More significantly, you won’t have to travel to a Bank location, wait in lines, or fill out any paperwork. The Mobile Account menu is compatible with all sorts of mobile phones and does not require the use of a smartphone. Customers can deposit or withdraw money at any Mobilink Microfinance Bank branch, Jazz Franchise or Business Center, or JazzCash Agents located throughout Pakistan.

Why choose JazzCash for your business?

Why choose JazzCash for your business

Whether you’re a small business owner or a corporate executive, JazzCash Business gives you access to cutting-edge financial and business management solutions.


Financial management is now at your fingertips. To get started with your Basic Business Account, just fill out some basic personal and business information.

You can accept payments from your customers using a normal QR Code and Till number. You may also build a QR Code in real-time for any amount and share it with customers to take payments quickly.

Customers will pay you if you send them personalized invoices.

You can see your debit and credit transactions in real-time and easily track your transaction history and account statements.

In just a few taps, you can order and manage your Business, Debit Card.

What is JazzCash NextGen?

What is JazzCash NextGen

JazzCash is the FIRST EVER Mobile Wallet for Pakistan’s Next Generation!
Young people aged 12 to 17 may now take complete control of their pocket money and take advantage of the greatest Digital Banking Services available in the country in real-time.

There’s no need to go to a bank branch that’s busy and dingy and requires hundreds of paperwork! All you have to do now is go to your nearest JazzCash Retailer with your guardian and get your own account opened in less than 5 minutes.

With a JazzCash NextGen account, you may deposit, withdraw cash, make online payments, make QR payments, and send money to friends using the one-stop-shop JazzCash Mobile App and/or USSD string channel – and get great deals all around Pakistan!

EasyPaisa – Mobile Bank Accounts

EasyPaisa – Mobile Bank Accounts

Telenor subscribers can pay bills, transfer money, and use a variety of other services through their mobile phones using their Easypaisa Mobile Accounts. The bank account is linked to the customer’s Telenor account and may be accessed at any time and from any location.

Customers can make deposits and withdrawals at any of the country’s more than 5500 Easypaisa Retail Merchants, 23 Sales and Service Centers, 50 Tameer Microfinance Bank Branches, and 225 Telenor Franchises.

How to create an Easypaisa account (Telenor Users)?

How to create an Easypaisa account (Telenor Users)

An Easypaisa account can now be used for a variety of financial activities, including bill payment, mobile load, sending and receiving money via CNIC, mobile account and bank accounts, and more. Telenor and non-Telenor customers can use these services. Due to these numerous perks and privileges, We’ll be showing you all the easy steps to take in order to create an Easypaisa account if you are not already a Telenor user:

For Non-Telenor users:

  1. You have to write “EPCNIC Number” in a text message and send it to 0345-1113737.
  2. After which, an Easypaisa representative will call you back.
  3. The representative will register your Easypaisa Account after necessary verification.
  4. Simultaneously, you will need a PIN code to activate your account.
  5. After activation, you’ll have all available services for your Easypaisa account.

How to create an Easypaisa account (Non-Telenor Users)?

How to create an Easypaisa account (Non-Telenor Users)

The country’s experimental mobile banking platform is called Easypaisa. It began in the year 2009. It was originally intended to be used as a cash transfer service. The program has given users more power by making it easier to move money. Easypaisa also contributes significantly to Pakistan’s financial inclusion. It has over 90,000 locations across the United States. Easypaisa also offers employment opportunities. With this service, you can become a retailer and a dealer.

If you’re already a Telenor customer, we’ll teach you how to create an Easypaisa account in a few simple steps:

  1. First dial *786# from your phone.
  2. Then you will be asked to create a five-digit PIN code.
  3. For confirmation, you will need to re-enter the PIN code.
  4. After confirmation, your Easypaisa account will be activated.
  5. Afterward, you will be able to avail all the Easypaisa account services.