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Struggling To Keep Your Bakery Stock in Check? Simplify Stock management with Udhaar App’s Stockbook Feature

Struggling To Keep Your Bakery Stock in Check? Simplify Stock management with Udhaar App’s Stockbook Feature

Struggling To Keep Your Bakery Stock in Check_ Simplify Stock management with Udhaar App's Stockbook F


Running a bakery can be a very profitable business if it is managed well. Bakeries sell items that people need every day, which means there is always a demand. However, it is not easy to plan and prepare these products ahead of time. The main challenge is keeping the products fresh and preventing them from expiring. As a bakery owner, you must ensure that your products are always fresh and hygienic. Customers are very careful about the quality and expiration dates of what they buy. Managing and recording the freshness and quantity of your products can be a difficult task.

The Challenge of Managing a Bakery

In a bakery, there are many different products. Some of these products are made in-house, while others are bought from various suppliers. Each product has a different shelf life, so you need to be careful not to stock more than you can sell before it goes bad. For example, fresh bread, biscuits, and cakes should be prepared in small amounts to keep them fresh for customers. On the other hand, items like eggs, branded milk packs, and branded biscuits can be bought weekly or every two weeks because they last longer.

The Difficulty of Manual Inventory Management

Keeping track of each product and manually updating the inventory can be very frustrating and challenging. This is where the Udhaar Digi Khata app comes in. It can help you manage your inventory without spending too much time or effort. The Udhaar app can eliminate the chaos of manual management and streamline your operations.

Benefits of Using the Udhaar Book for Inventory Management

The Udhaar Khata Book app is a complete solution for recording all your products. By setting a minimum inventory level, the Udhaar app will notify you when the stock of a product is running low. This way, you can manage many products directly from your phone, free of charge.

Adding Products to Your Inventory

With the new catalog builder in the Stock Book, adding hundreds of products to your inventory is now very easy. The app has several retail categories available, including a category for Dairy & Bakery. By selecting this category, you will see many products to choose from. You can easily pick the products you have in your inventory, add the details, and you are done. If you don’t find a product already listed under Dairy & Bakery, you can add it manually by clicking “Add Item” in the Manage Stock tab and entering the relevant product details.

Setting Costs and Prices

The Udhaar Khata Book also allows you to add the cost and selling price to the product details. The app will then show you a summary of the products you have in your inventory and their total value. You can also see your profit from sales in the sales report option. This feature helps you keep track of your expenses and earnings, making it easier to manage your bakery’s finances.

Recording Sales and Updating Inventory

With the Stock Book, you can also record sales from your inventory. This will automatically update your total stock quantity. Whenever you sell something, you can record it in the cash book by selecting the product under the “add item” option. This will record your cash inflow and reduce the quantity in your inventory.

Similarly, if you sell something on credit and record it in your credit book, the inventory will be adjusted accordingly. This real-time updating helps you maintain accurate inventory records and saves you the trouble of manually checking and updating stock levels.

Notifications for Low Inventory

The Stock Book  will notify you when a product falls below the minimum inventory level. This feature ensures that you never run out of stock and can restock items before they run out completely. It saves you a lot of time and effort and helps you maintain an accurate record without the hassle of manual inventory management.

Additional Features of the Stock Book

Besides inventory management, the Udhaar app offers many other essential services for business owners. These include:

– Cash Book: Record and manage your cash transactions.

– Credit Book: Keep track of credit sales and outstanding payments.

– Digital Invoicing: Create and send invoices digitally.

Staff Book: Manage staff details and payroll.


The Udhaar Book is available for both iOS and Android devices. Businesses can also use the Udhaar Book web app. This means you can access and manage your bakery’s inventory and other business records from your smartphone or computer, anytime and anywhere.


In summary, the Udhaar Digi Khata app is an all-in-one solution for managing a bakery’s inventory and other business operations. Its ease of use and comprehensive features make it an essential tool for bakery owners looking to improve their business efficiency and profitability. Whether you are just starting out or have been in the bakery business for years, the Stock Book feature of Udhaar app can help you take your business to the next level.

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