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What is JazzCash ReadyCash?

What is JazzCash ReadyCash?

What is JazzCash ReadyCash

ReadyCash is a new loan service from JazzCash that will process and issue you a loan in a matter of seconds!

ReadyCash is a quick and easy way for JazzCash Mobile Account clients to get small-dollar loans for a short period of time. The ReadyCash service will credit loans to your Mobile Account immediately, allowing you to use the funds to satisfy your short-term lending needs. Customers no longer have to go through lengthy documentation or processes to obtain a loan with ReadyCash. ReadyCash is your fast loan with just a few clicks on your smartphone!

Customers can use the ReadyCash service for four weeks, with the option to pay it back sooner. A single loan of up to Rs 10,000 can be taken out by a single consumer at a time. The service is currently in beta and is only offered to a select group of clients who will be notified of their eligibility through SMS.

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