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Udhaar App – Digitally Transforming Your Business

Udhaar App – Digitally Transforming Your Business

Udhaar App – Digitally Transforming Your Business

Personal finance, credit management, inventory management, and your little partner – Udhaar app – has been doing wonders for all types of businesses for a long time now. Shopkeepers, owners, and staff/employees have been taking advantage of this user-friendly and simple app.

We know it’s a difficult time for your business especially when Corona hits you mighty hard. All the customers are gone, no response from the suppliers, and obviously the outstanding payment stays due even after the deadline.

This is something you’ve worked out in years along with the hard work of days and nights. Do not lose it just like this. We have got here something of your interest that will help you get back on track. Not only you can recover your outstanding payments but also make some money out of it.


What is Udhaar App?

Udhaar is a FREE application for personal and commercial use. Udhaar app helps you manage credit (Udhaar) with customers and suppliers.

Udhaar app is an online ledger (like an online khata or journal) to record your outstanding debt, and send auto-reminders to customers to increase collection and cash flow. It’s an easy, safe, and reliable app with amazing features like reporting, multi-language support, data backup, offline mode, and many, many more.

It sends a reminder message to all your customers who have their payment outstanding and may have unintentionally forgotten to clear the dues.

Udhaar app also provides you reports of all or individual customers. The reports will be available in PDF format and can be extracted daily, weekly or monthly to suit your needs.


What is Meant by Digital Transformation?

Udhaar is a business-utility mobile-app that helps you in your day-to-day cash and credit transaction.


What makes it unique?

  • It transforms the work mobile phone of a business owner into a smart computer
  • Improves cash-flow with both online and offline transactions
  • Provides business-related information just as you need it in the form of daily, weekly, monthly reports
  • The reports are in PDF format that you can easily download and share with your customers
  • It is simple with a user-friendly UI for financial accounting and inventory management on mobile phone


The functionality

It does wonders for a business similar to that of a complex software only simpler

Udhaar app provides accuracy, efficiency and customer delight. As soon as you add a new transaction against any customer account, the customer gets notified of the particular transaction, the amount of goods purchased and the number and names of items bought

Papers and diaries have a high chance of getting lost or damaged. But with the Udhaar app, your important data will always be safe in the cloud backup. You only need to turn on your internet connection for seconds to transfer information to the cloud. The data you just saved can be retrieved anywhere, anytime, and with any device with your individual username and password.

So far business-related vital MIS (Management Information System) reports were available only to corporate companies and firms as they used ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications. Udhaar app made it possible for micro and small businesses which use the manual form of business processes and were devoid of such significant MIS reports.

Udhaar app is your digital business partner in your pocket and on the move. It is a simple, easy, free, and reliable opportunity that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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