How to Get Money Via a ‘Money Transfer’

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If a friend or family member has sent you money by ‘Money transfer,’ then follow the steps below to collect it.

Before going to an Easy Paisa outlet, make sure you have the following items.

  • 1 photocopy of the original and valid Nadra CNIC (Mandatory)
  • The sender has provided you with a Transaction ID (Mandatory)
  • You have been given a passcode by the sender (Mandatory)

Once you have these items, go to any authorized Easy Paisa location and complete the steps below.

  • Provide your Transaction ID to the store.
  • Give him/her the original and photocopy of your CNIC, and when he/she asks, input the passcode on the retailer’s phone. Take the money – and that’s it.

Important Note: Expired Nadra CNICs will not be accepted for Money Transfer operations, either sending or receiving.

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