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Uplift your Stationery Shop Profits with Udhaar Book

Uplift your Stationery Shop Profits with Udhaar Book

Uplift your Stationery Shop Profits with Udhaar Book

Inflation in Pakistan is constantly increasing, and it is pretty difficult for most people to meet their basic expenses. The cost of necessities rises faster, whereas the monthly income does not even budge a little. This affects all kinds of businesses in Pakistan as people have started using their limited income on necessities only. A stationery shop is one such business that stands on an imaginary border between needs and wants. Stationery is essential for businesses and students. Customers purchase fancy pens and pencils, colored boxes, different kinds of files, etc., which can be considered something beyond necessities.

As a stationery shop owner, you would have noticed that people these days are quite conscious about their purchases from your shop. Customers these days buy products that are essential for daily use instead of spending money on other stationery tools. For instance, if a person needs pens for office use, you show them 2 kinds of pens. One is Rs. 10, and the other is Rs. 20. The person will go for the pen that costs Rs. 10 thinking, “it’s just a pen; why spend an extra 10 for a better-looking product.” Such fancy products have a better margin compared to general products. Fewer profit margins make it difficult for business owners like yourself to cover their fixed expenses. In such scenarios, businesses tend to look for ways to have an extra income without investing a lot of money, time, and effort.


Udhaar Book app can help you earn some extra cash without investing money and with very little time and effort. With Udhar Digi khata, you can start selling easy load to customers using any telecom network in Pakistan at the highest commission percentage in the market. Udhar khata book’s easyload feature is simple and absolutely risk-free and requires just a couple of minutes to set it up. You can now quickly become an easy load agent with the Udhar khata book in 3 simple steps:

    1. Set up a Screen Lock: This ensures your safety as you will be adding cash to your wallet. If you already have a screen lock, this will be marked as done.


    1. Enter your location: If you already have location enabled, this will be marked as done.


  1. Add Money to your Udhaar Wallet: You can add money to your wallet using EasyPaisa/JazzCash account. This is the money you will be using for selling recharge.

Once you have completed these three steps, you can start earning commission on every recharge.

Benefits of Udhaar Book’s Easy Load

Using Udhaar Book’s Easyload feature has several benefits:

    1. Zero Investment – You have to add money to your wallet at the beginning to start selling Easyload, but you can withdraw the amount left in your wallet anytime. E.g., if you add Rs. 5000 to your udhar wallet and use Rs. 2000 for recharging people’s balance, you will be left with Rs. 3000 as well as commission earned, which you can easily transfer to your EasyPaisa/JazzCash account.


    1. No Extra Effort – Recharging balance won’t take much time. You can easily do this simultaneously with your stationery shop


    1. 2% Commission Every Time – With the Udhaar Digi khata app, whenever you recharge a person’s balance, you will immediately receive a 2% commission on the amount recharged.


  1. Increased Stationery Sales – The customers stepping into your store for easyload might buy other stuff from your store, resulting in more sales and more profits.

With Udhaar Book, you can immediately earn extra without risks or investments. Udhaar Book app not only helps you earn money but is also a one-stop solution to manage your business in the most efficient way possible. Udhaar Book provides several other essential services like cash book, credit book, digital invoicing, staff book, inventory management and free POS to help you manage different aspects of your stationery store. You can download the app from both App Store and Play Store. You can also use the Udhaar Book web app right from your shop’s PC.

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