Udhaar App – Digital Khata, Udhaar Khata Book – Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Udhaar?

A money management application that keeps track of all of your transactions, including withdrawals and deposits.

Who can use the Udhaar app?

Anyone who manages money or does not complete transactions instantly can utilize the Udhaar app. Retail, wholesale, manufacturing, bakery/dairy, pharmacy, and hardware stores all make great use of our khata book. The list goes on, implying that there are no limits to who can make use of it.

How Secure is the Udhaar app?

Because all data is stored in the cloud, there is complete security. Employees are unable to read or copy the same data.

How is Udhaar beneficial for businesses?

The Udhaar app is user-friendly and simple to use, with numerous functions such as reporting and a quick response time. A new transaction can be created in a matter of seconds.

Where can I get Udhaar App from?

Download the App from Google Playstore Click Here

Download the App from Apple App Store Click Here

Download the direct APK file Click Here

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