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Sell Easyload with Udhaar. Boost your Grocery Store Profits

Sell Easyload with Udhaar. Boost your Grocery Store Profits

Sell Easyload with Udhaar. Boost your Grocery Store Profits

Running a grocery store can be exciting and challenging as you have a lot of products to offer and have to deal with people from all walks of life. It is important to have all prevailing brands for each category as customers have different brand preferences. But the products they buy are almost similar every month, which restricts you from having more profits as the sales volume remains the same. Such circumstances make it difficult for everyone to fight the soaring inflation, and people do consider looking for ways to earn some extra money. There are quite a few options to curtail the impact of rising inflation, such as increasing sales/profit or looking for an additional income stream. Both of these options can get very difficult for a grocery store due to massive competition and lack of extra time.



Increasing prices will hurt your business because it will be perceived as an expensive mart, and increasing sales volume will also take time, and you might even need to invest a bit in marketing. The best possible way is to look for an additional income stream that does not take a lot of your time and doesn’t require you to take any risks or make any investments. Udhaar Book app is precisely what you need. Udhaar Digi khata app helps you manage your grocery store effectively and offers a way to make some extra money through its Easyload feature without any risks.

How to earn more with Udhaar Easyload?

You can now quickly become an easy load agent with the Udhar khata book in 3 simple steps, and all that would take just a couple of minutes. All you have to do to become an easyload agent is to set up a screen lock, enter your location, and add balance to your Udhaar wallet using your Easypaisa and/or JazzCash account. Once you have money in your wallet, you can immediately start recharging the balance for your grocery store customers and earn a 2.5% commission on every recharge. Udhar khata book’s easy load feature enables you to recharge the balance for all networks in Pakistan. This means that you won’t have to say no to any of your customers, and you can also get banners and posters printed and placed to lure in new customers.

The influx of customers due to this new offering will have two benefits. First, you will be getting a 2.5% commission on each easyload without any hassles. Secondly, the customers stepping into your store for easy load might buy other stuff too from your store, resulting in more sales and more profits. The best part is that if you want to withdraw the money you added to your udhar wallet for easy load, you can easily transfer it from the app to your Easypaisa and JazzCash account.

Udhaar Book is a blessing in disguise to grocery store owners like you. Udhaar Book provides a wide range of essential services like cash book, credit book, digital invoicing, staff book, and inventory management to help you manage different aspects of your grocery store. Moreover, it also helps you earn extra money with easy load without any risks or investments. Udhaar Book can be downloaded from both App Store and Play Store. You can also use the Udhaar Book web app right from your shop’s PC. Start using Udhaar Book now and earn extra money.

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