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Recover Udhaar with Pakistan’s #1 Khata App

Recover Udhaar with Pakistan’s #1 Khata App

Recover Udhaar with Pakistan’s #1 Khata App

Udhaar is a very important aspect of doing business in Pakistan. Every sector has to work on credit to stay competitive. Wholesalers are one of those many businesses where credit sales and purchases are a norm. This leads to numerous issues, such as late payments and cash flow issues because of these late payments. As a wholesaler, you need to have an ample amount of cash at all times to ensure smooth daily operations. If the debtors are not paying on time, it can directly affect your business. Delayed payments also make it difficult for you to pay your creditors on time, and this vicious cycle continues.

You might feel awkward asking your debtors for the amount they owe, but this awkwardness gives them leverage. Moreover, if timely debts are not collected, it leads to the amount piling up on both the creditors’ and debtors’ ends. This disturbs the entire cash flow cycle, and then you start paying off previous amounts instead of making progress in the business. Many wholesalers like you need a solution to address such issues as it is inevitable to avoid such matters in a country like Pakistan. People here are habitually late with payments, and because everyone is doing this these days, this problem doesn’t seem to have a solution.


The best way to deal with this is to have an easy and effective solution. Udhaar Digi khata app is a one-stop solution to manage, pay, and recover your Udhaar conveniently. With the Udhaar khata book app, you can record all credit sales and purchases right on your mobile phone. You can even set collection/payment dates for all the transactions individually to remind you of everything that gets due on time. In addition to this, you can send free automated reminder messages through SMS/WhatsApp to your debtors and avoid all those awkward calls.

Another Udhaar book feature which can make your life extremely easy is the feature to generate separate reports for every individual who owes you money or every person you have to pay. As a wholesaler, you have to purchase products from numerous vendors and might have a different understanding of payment terms with each vendor. Similarly, the list of your credit customers is also quite long. If you manage all your operations with Udhar and have all your inventory recorded on the app, you will see all the details regarding the amount due. If the report is of someone who purchased goods from you on credit, you will be able to see all the details such as the date, products, prices, and quantity of that transaction. You can easily save these reports and send them to the respective person to remind them of payment. Similarly, if you have to pay someone, that person’s report will show all the particulars of that specific transaction, telling you the amount, date and the reason for payment.

Udhar Digi khata app makes managing Udhaar a piece of cake. It gets super easy to have an insight into the people you need to pay and the people who owe you money. Udhar khata app enables you to remind your debtors of the payment on auto. The Udhaar Book app is a complete tool that makes it possible for you to manage your entire operations smoothly. Udhaar Book also offers multiple services like cash book, credit book, digital invoicing, staff book, and inventory management to assist you with different aspects of your business. Udhaar Book is available for both IOS and Android devices, and businesses can also use the Udhaar Book web app.

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