Managing cash is now simple with Udhaar Book.

 In General

If you are an individual who’s running a garment store you must have numerous interactions with different sorts of clients daily. Numerous clients bring in significant business which also requires handling a lot of financial flow, which may be stressful. Typically, business owners of garment stores like you stick to the old practice of recording information in a notebook. This manual data entry into a notebook could cost you a lot without being aware. This not only takes a lot of your time but might also result in various problems, including inconsistent data entering, the potential for error and mistakes and weak security.

Running a garment store already requires quite a few employees therefore hiring an individual to handle cashflow issues might be a luxury that you can’t afford. Moreover, manual entries are prone to errors and you might miss a few entries each day, causing the balance at the day’s end to be misleading. The best way to handle all these tasks quickly and accurately is to have an app that helps you with all these aspects and doesn’t put a dent on your pocket. The solution is the Udhaar Book app which is a the best khata appfor store owners. You and other garment store owners can address these issues using the Udhaar Book as a daily khata app.


The Udhar Khata Book app is simple and helps you save money, time, and effort. Udhaarkhata book is easy to use and record. It features a simple interface that nearly everyone who can use a smartphone can understand and use the app. UdharDigikhata app is available for all smartphone and PC users. You can download the app from the App Store and Play Store for free. You can also use the Udhaar Book web app from your PC.

Benefits of Cashbook in the Udhaar Book app.

  • Add Notes:You can add notes to every transaction with the Udhar khata app, which you can view afterward. For instance, if you’ve taken out a loan, you may record the terms and circumstances and review them later.
  • Add Contact:You can add contact details for the person you are getting cash from or paying cash to through this function in Udhaar Book’s Adding and storing the contact details enables you to use clients’ contact information in the future
  • Add Category:The Udhar khata book app allows you to categorize the cash transactions to understand them better. A few pre-built categories in the Udhar book include salary, sale, bonus, rental revenue, profit, and deposit. In addition to this, you can also add a category manually.
  • Add Item:To use this function, you must add your inventory to Udhaar Book’s stock book tab under favorites. Once that’s in place, just choose the sold item from the inventory list by clicking “Add Item” while creating an invoice. The transaction amount will be immediately updated, simplifying the cash input procedure and saving you time and effort daily.
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