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Make Professional Invoices in Minutes!

Make Professional Invoices in Minutes!

make professional invoices- n minutes

Financial management of business transactions and customers’ khata isn’t that easy and requires a lot of time, especially when a business uses conventional record-keeping methods. Udhaar Book App provides a hassle-free solution to make record-keeping and maintenance quick and easy. Udhar Digi Khata is an online app that facilitates business owners to record and maintain their finances and customers’ accounts and create professional invoices. With Udhaar Digi Khata, businesses can also record and maintain their inventory and expenses.

Digital Invoicing in Udhaar Book



One of the key features of Udhar khata app is digital invoicing, through which it gets very easy for a person to send professional-looking invoices right from their device. On the contrary, using traditional methods to make and track invoices are a bit complicated, time-taking, and can only be used by a person who knows about it. The invoice maker feature in Udhaar Book is easy to use and can create multiple custom-made sales invoices and expense bills in minutes and send them directly to your customers and suppliers right from your mobile phone. Moreover, Udhaar khata book also has the feature of recording all the invoices, and a user can also see whether the invoices are paid or still outstanding. Udhaar Digi khata sorts the invoices into three categories; paid, unpaid, and overdue. Users can use these to track the receivables and manage the cash flow accordingly. Furthermore, a user can use this data to send reminder messages to the customer through SMS or WhatsApp to remind them about the outstanding invoice. In addition to all this, Udhar app also has an option to send invoices in English and Urdu.

Wait! There’s More.

As far as record-keeping and maintenance are concerned, Udhaar Book App sorts all the problems and makes financial recording a hassle-free experience. Udhaar Book helps you manage your khata and provides features like cash book and reporting tools to help you professionally maintain your finances and make wise decisions. With the easy load and one load feature of Udhaar khata book, a business user can earn some extra cash with regular day-to-day business activity. Udhaar Book can be downloaded from Play Store and App Store and used through the web app.

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