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How UDHAAR can be Benefical for Wholesalers

How UDHAAR can be Benefical for Wholesalers

Benefits for wholesalers

A wholesaler is a person or company that works as a middleman between the manufacturer and the retailer. A wholesaler buys goods in bulk from the manufacturer and sells them to different retailers rather than to the public directly. A wholesaler needs to manage its business and accounts effectively like other businesses. Using an app like Udhaar Book can help as it is an online accounting app used to manage business operations effectively. Wholesalers can use Udhaar Digi khata to manage their business operations like inventory, customers’ Udhar, and other finances. Udhaar Digi khata has multiple features like cash book, digital invoice, inventory management, khata book, etc.

Wholesalers tend to deal in bulk inventory and sell them to different retailers. That is why they should manage their inventory effectively to record all the merchandise purchased from manufacturers and the amounts associated with each manufacturer. Moreover, it is also essential for a wholesaler to record the products sold to each retailer and the amount related to these transactions. In Pakistan, most deals are made on Udhar, and like every other businessman, a wholesaler needs to keep track of their Udhaar. The second most important feature of Udhar that a wholesaler can benefit from is inventory management. Retailers can come up with instant demands for products out of the blue. If a wholesaler does not have enough stock to fulfill retailers’ demand, they can lose sales and profits as retailers might shift to other wholesalers. With the inventory management feature of Udhar, a wholesaler can track inventory and get updates about sales and low stock. A wholesaler can effectively manage inventory by ordering from the manufacturer whenever they reach a low stock level with this information being delivered in time. Udhar khatabook has another invoice book feature that can benefit the wholesaler. A wholesaler needs to buy products from multiple manufacturers and sells to various retailers. There are numerous transactions with a single manufacturer/retailer most of the time. Making and managing all these invoices is a hassle and takes time. The invoice book feature in the Udhaar khatabook app makes it easier and less time-consuming for a wholesaler to create and manage multiple invoices. The Udhar Digi khata invoice book feature lets wholesalers make professional and customized invoices and track paid and unpaid invoices right from their phones. Moreover, with the invoice book feature of the Udhar khata book, wholesalers need not remind retailers about outstanding Udhar. They can send complimentary reminder messages to retailers through WhatsApp or SMS.

Udhaar Book is an all-in-one solution to manage businesses effectively on mobile phones. The Udhar app can help you with everything from inventory management, in-flows and out-flows of cash through cash book, making multiple invoices and managing your udhar, and a lot more. Wholesalers can download Udhaar Digi khata on IOS and Android and manage their business effectively from phones.

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