How should you prepare for the busiest times of the year?

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Peak season is undoubtedly the most critical time of the year for a business. It’s the time of year when most businesses generate the majority of their revenue, so having good inventory management in place is critical to your success.

Here’s what you can do to get ready for peak season if it’s your first time.

1. Perform a cycle count to ensure that all inventory levels are accurate.
2. Verify that shipping supplies are well-stocked and ready to go. Shipping materials, by the way, should be inventoried as well.
To account for a larger demand in orders, hire temporary staff.
3. Make use of history reports to ensure that you’ve ordered the correct amount of inventory.
4. Make sure all inventory is in the right places, including backstock and picking.
6. Finally, but certainly not the least, use inventory management software. Inventory management simplifies all of the preceding elements and better accommodates high demand and variation throughout peak season than a spreadsheet could.

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