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How can Small Retailers Manage UDHAAR Effectively?

How can Small Retailers Manage UDHAAR Effectively?

How can small retailers manage UDHAAR effectively?

Maintaining a business for small retailers can be challenging for many reasons, these include competition, growing demand and adaptation to new technologies. Many small retailers use conventional methods to manage their Udhaar or business finances. But with the advent of technology, small retailers should adapt to new methods of managing their finances like the Digi khata app. Digi khata or khata book is an online accounting app that businesses can use to manage their finances without any manual hassle. Udhaar, Digi khata, with its features of khata book, cashbook and credit book, can facilitate small retailers to manage Udhaar effectively.

Everyday small retailers deal with multiple customers, managing their financial accounts manually can be difficult. With Udhaar Digi khata, a small retailer can easily manage all their customers’ finances. Udhaar khata book allows you to create sales invoices and outstanding Udhaar of customers. Moreover, with Digi khata, small retailers can track paid and unpaid invoices and send customers invoices through WhatsApp. Udhaar easy khata also allows customers to pay invoice payments digitally, which can improve the cash flow of small retailers.

Furthermore, with the cash book feature of Udhaar Digi khata, there is no need for small retailers to use manual methods to track income and expenses. With cash book, small retailers have to add the cash in and cash-out transactions, and they can have the cash ledger automatically. In addition, there is no need to spend hours balancing income and expenses, because the cash book automatically calculates net cash balance and profit. Small retailers can get daily, weekly and monthly reports at their fingertips. Small retailers can download the Udhaar easy khata app on Android and IOS and manage everything from one app.

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