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Efficiently Run Your General Store with Udhaar Book

Efficiently Run Your General Store with Udhaar Book

Efficiently Run Your General Store with Udhaar Book

Running a general store is not as easy as it seems. A general store contains everything one may need. If you are in charge of a store like this, keeping track of what you have and what you sell is really important. If you are still writing everything down in books, it is hard to do a good job of running your store. To avoid mistakes and make sure things are clear and correct, you need a digital book to help you keep track of your store tasks.

Udhaar app is the best choice for this in Pakistan. It is a tool that makes running your store easy. By using this khata app, you can avoid problems from using paper and make running your store easier. It works on iPhones, Android phones, and even on the computer at your store. And guess what? It doesn’t cost anything to use.

How Does Udhaar App Help You Manage Your Store?

Running a store is a big job. You need to know what things you have, how much you are selling, and how much you are making. This is really tough when you have a big store. But with the simple Udhaar app, things get easier. Let’s see how the Udhaar digit khata app can help you run your store better:

Keeping Track of Sales with Cash Book

You can’t make good decisions about your store if you don’t know how much you are selling and how much you are spending. It is super important to watch your sales every day, every week, and every month. This helps you find problems and make things better. The Udhaar app has a feature named Cash Book that helps you see all the money stuff for your store. With this, you can easily know about all the money that comes in and goes out. You can see how much you are making and how much you are spending. This free digit khata app also helps you see how much money you have by taking away your spending from your sales. It even lets you see your sales for each day and all the money you made. And if you want, you can get a report that shows you everything.

Knowing More About the Cash Book Feature: 

Your store has lots of things to sell, and it’s really important to keep track of all of them. This is a big job because there’s so much stuff. You need to write down what you have and how much it costs. This way, you know what’s in your store and how much you can sell it for. Udhaar’s khata book app helps you do this easily. You can write down all the things you have and how many there are. The app also helps you remember how much each thing costs. You can look at this information anytime, anywhere. And if you get new things for your store, the app updates itself to show what you got.

Checking on Your Workers with Staff Book

If your store is big, you might need people to help you run it. Your store workers do lots of things like helping customers, putting things in the computer, taking money, and making bills. But you also need to see how well your workers are doing. The Udhaar app has a Staff Book feature that lets you do this. You can add all the people who work in your store and see when they come to work, if they work extra, if they’re late, and if they take time off. This helps you know how well they’re doing their jobs. You can also look at a report that shows who came to work each month. And you can pay your workers with just a click.

Creating Bills with Bill Book

When you sell things, it is important to be clear and fair. Giving your customers proper bills helps them trust you more. Bills also show what you sold them. Udhaar app helps you do this. With the Bill Book feature, you can make good bills that show what your customers bought. You can even send the bills to them on WhatsApp. This way, everything is clear and there’s no confusion. The Udhaar app keeps all these records on your device.


By using the Udhaar app, you can change how you manage your store for the better. The Cash Book, Stock Book, Staff Book, and Bill Book features help you watch your sales, things you have, workers, and bills. Don’t worry about safety or using the app. It is easy and free. You can download the app for free on iOS or Android, and even on your computer. Running your store with the Udhar app is the smartest way to do it so download the app now. 

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