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Earn Extra Income by Selling Subscription Vouchers

Earn Extra Income by Selling Subscription Vouchers

Earn Extra Income by Selling Subscription Vouchers

Have you ever noticed that customers walking into your shops range from school-going children to office workers who love spending their leisure hours watching Netflix and Amazon Prime. Not only this, but they love to browse through Spotify and listen to their favourite songs while travelling, working, and whenever they want to elevate their mood. As a business owner, it is your time to make the most of this opportunity with Udhaar Book and earn an incredible commission by selling your customers subscription vouchers for these services.

Udhaar Book brings life to your dreams of earning extra income without any extra effort. If you want to add more customers and increase your income then Udhaar Book offers you an excellent chance to earn up to 4% commission by selling subscription vouchers for Netflix, Spotify, or Amazon Prime and to every customer walking into your shop. To utilise this amazing opportunity, you must download the Udhaar book to your IOS or Android devices. You can also use the Udhaar web app for free.

How to Sell Subscription Vouchers to Earn Extra Income?

    • Open the Udhaar App and select the menu


    • Go to the vouchers option under earn money


    • Tap on sell vouchers


    • Select the voucher your customer wants to purchase


    • Add your customer’s name and phone number


    • Confirm the voucher amount and payment method through which your customer is paying you (cash, udhaar, or wallet)


  • On confirming the overall details, you can save the final image as well

The customer will receive an SMS from Udhaar with a link for a voucher code with which he can quickly redeem the code and subscribe to his desired voucher. This way, you can earn up to 4% commission by selling the game vouchers from the amount in your Udhaar wallet. The customer will pay the exact amount for purchasing that voucher. The commission rate depends on the type of voucher. For instance, you can earn a 1.75% commission on Amazon Prime Video vouchers and a 1.75% commission by selling Spotify vouchers. You can also sell gaming vouchers and make an incredible commission through the Udhaar app.

There are more possibilities of him purchasing a subscription voucher from you along with the products he came to buy. Your sales are also raised when a customer comes to purchase a subscription voucher from you and ends up buying other things from your store. This way, you can add more customers and earn extra income by selling subscription vouchers.

Along with selling subscription vouchers to earn an extra income, you can also sell gaming vouchers, easyload and bill payments with Udhaar Book to maximize your profits. This outstanding feature of Udhaar digikhata helps you make more money by spending nothing at all. You can sell unlimited subscription or gaming vouchers and with bill payments and easyload options available throughout the day at your shop you will be able to earn extra commission while keeping your customers happy and satisfied. You can download the Udhaar app to your IOS and Android devices or use the Udhaar book on your desktop for free.

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