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Boost Your Income by Selling Gaming Vouchers

Boost Your Income by Selling Gaming Vouchers

Boost Your Income by Selling Gaming Vouchers

The use of modern technology and social media has increased over the last three decades. The rise of the digital world has paved the way for efficient communication, e-commerce, and entertainment. People of ages 8 to 35 are interested in gaming apps like PUBG and FreeFire. As a business owner, it is your time to earn an incredible commission by selling these gaming vouchers to your targeted customers.

You always want to add more customers and increase sales as a merchant. There is an extremely high chance that every customer walking into your store is indulged in gaming and becomes an active subscriber for PUBG, FreeFire, and other gaming apps. There are more chances that he purchases an active gaming subscription from you along with the items he came to buy. On the other hand, customers who enter your store to purchase gaming vouchers can purchase your store items. Both situations increase your sales by attracting more customers and skyrocketing your business. In order to avail this golden opportunity, you don’t need to invest any money. You just have to download the Udhaar book to your IOS and Android devices, or you can use the Udhaar web app for free. Start selling vouchers to gamers and earn a great commission.

How to Sell Game Vouchers to Get Commission?

    • Add screen lock


    • Allow access to location


    • Add balance to your Udhaar wallet


    • Select the game voucher


  • Enter your customer details

The customer then uses the code sent to his phone to redeem the voucher. You can earn up to 4% commission by selling the game vouchers from the amount in your Udhaar wallet. The exact amount will be paid by the customer for purchasing that voucher.

The Udhaar book brings this outstanding feature to let you earn more profit just by selling game vouchers. Along with selling game vouchers for Netflix and Amazon, the Udhaar book offers you the feature of selling game vouchers. It provides an excellent opportunity to make money and earn up to 4% commission on every gaming voucher you sell. The commission rate depends on the type of voucher. For instance, you can earn 1.75% commission on PUBG vouchers and 3% commission by selling FreeFire vouchers.

As the modern generation is close to technology, this fantastic feature of the Udhaar digikhata meets their rising demands. You can satisfy your intended audience throughout the day at your shop. The Udhaar book helps to boost your income by selling unlimited game vouchers. The Udhaar app is totally free and secure. It offers a 100% money-back guarantee on these vouchers. You can download the Udhaar app to your IOS and Android devices or use the Udhaar book on your desktop for free. Generate profit, earn a commission, and escalate your business with Udhaar.

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