Hassle-free Udhaar Collection with Udhaar Book

Hassle-free Udhaar Collection with Udhaar Book

Owning a general store in Pakistan was never easy, and the rising inflation has made it even more challenging to manage. Due to an extraordinary increase in the prices of almost everything, customers’ buying power has reduced, and now they critically analyze before spending anything. As a general store owner, you do want customers to purchase products so that you make a profit, but the situation is not in anyone’s favor. Due to such financial constraints, many people might now request you to sell them products on credit.

Selling on credit could increase your sales, but many issues are also part of the deal. The primary issue is that people find it completely normal to pay late. In a country like Pakistan, it is normal to delay payment. As a store owner, late payments would affect you immensely as most of your purchases and expenses are in cash, and having ample cash in hand is essential to ensure smooth operations. To maintain your cash reserve, you would have to go through all those awkward conversations with all the debtors, again and again, asking them to pay you back. In response, many customers might start sharing their problems, and you might feel bad about asking for your own money.


The best way to tackle such situations without blaming yourself is to start using Udhaar Book app. Udhaar Book app is the best khata app that allows you to record credit transactions and also helps you recover your udhar 3x faster. Udhaar daily khata app is absolutely free and is available on both App Store and Play Store.

How to Recover Udhaar 3x Faster

    • Record all credit transactions: For general store owners like you, using the Udhaar book makes it easier to keep track of credit sales and related recoveries. This keeps you informed about your earnings.


    • Sending automated messages: You can avoid the awkwardness of asking your customers to repay you for your money by using the Udhaar Book app. The app simply needs the contact information of the person who made the credit transaction and the date of return entered while recording the transaction. It automatically sends a message reminding the person that he needs to pay you back.


  • Maintain customer statements: Udhaar Book can help you maintain statements about your client who purchases items on credit with all the necessary information, including the credit amount. Plus, you can also enter the received payments, and the Udhar khata book app will maintain the ledger in real-time.

Managing udhar is simple with the Udhaar Digikhata app. Finding out who you owe money to and who you need to pay becomes simple. You can use the Udhar Khata app to remind your debtors to make payments automatically. The Udhaar Book app is a complete solution that enables you to manage every aspect of your business efficiently. To help you with various other elements of your business, Udhaar Book app also provides various services, including cash book, credit book, digital invoice, staff book, and inventory management. You can easily download the app from the App Store and Play Store for free. You can also use the free Udhaar Book web app from your PC.