Udhaar Book: The Perfect Partner for Business Growth

Udhaar Book The Perfect Partner for Business Growth

A busy store, jam-packed with customers, is something that everybody wants. Running a mobile store, such situations would be quite common for you. With the ever-changing trends of the tech industry, new products hit the markets every day, and people do want to try new products, especially with their smartphones. It can be a new kind of screen protector or a fancy red phone case; people keep revamping their devices. Some people do have this habit of getting their hands on the latest device as soon as it’s available at the stores. The sound of people talking and a scene of a busy store would make you happy, but the real hassle is when your cash counter becomes a bottleneck.

Busy Cash Counter Slowing Down a Speedy Day at Work?

As a business owner, you have a team of salesmen to handle your customers, but when it comes to recording sales and collecting cash, you rely on just one person sitting at your cash counter. He alone is responsible for making a receipt, writing down the product sold and collecting cash. This slows down the checkout phase, and your customers get frustrated with waiting. If this happens to a customer repeatedly, this might discourage them from purchasing from your shop, and you will inevitably end up helping your competitor next door. The only solution to handle such situations is to have a synchronized system through which all your sales team could punch in the sale amount and collect cash there and then. But such systems are usually expensive and require training for the staff.

What if there is a solution that can handle all this right from a smartphone for free. Guess what! Udhaar Book is exactly what you need to get this feature up and running. Udhaar Digi khata app is a powerful business management solution for your business. You can do wonders managing various aspects of your business right from your smartphone. With the multi-user functionality, the Udhaar khata book app allows you to give access to multiple people in your team to use all the amazing features from their smartphones. Features in Udhaar Book can really make it easier for you to handle daily operations without any hassels.

Top 3 Udhaar Book Features to Speed up your Business Operations:

    1. Cash Book: With the Udhar Digi khata app’s cash book, you can easily record all transactions with complete details about the product and quantity in a matter of seconds. If your salesperson has access to your Udhar khata book app, he can record sales from his cell phone without making the customer wait in the cash counter’s queue.


    1. Manage Stock: With this feature, any person who has access to the app can upload the inventory, in-stock quantity and its selling price. This will also help your team when they record cash sales. This will also speed up the checkout process as the person responsible for making receipts can easily select the product in the cash book while recording the transaction and make the billing process even faster. Checking and maintaining your inventory manually is outdated. With Udhaar Book, now you can stay ahead of your competitors.


  1. Easy Load Feature: Who would mind making some extra cash? With the Udhar khatabook app, earning a bit more is super easy. Using the easyload feature in udhar book, you can recharge your customers’ cell phones right from the app and get paid instantly. Udhaar Book offers a 2% commission on each transaction, the highest commission being offered in Pakistan. Now If your entire team has access to your Udhaar account, your sales team can use your Udhaar Book app to recharge customers’ cell phones. More people, more commission!!

Udhaar Book is a complete solution to help you get on track for smooth business operations. Adding your team can make it super useful and fast to manage everything without wasting hours maintaining everything manually. Udhaar Book helps you efficiently manage your Udhar with customers and suppliers, manage your cash and credit sales, manage your staff, and a lot more, right from your smartphones. Udhaar Book is available for both IOS and Android devices, and you can also use the Udhaar Book web app.