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Take the lead amongst competitors with Udhaar Book!

Take the lead amongst competitors with Udhaar Book!

Take the lead amongst competitors with Udhaar Book!

Living in Pakistan, having a mobile phone shop means you have a lot of competition. This means that something should set you apart from the competitors. Given the similarity of the business model, the only way to take the lead is to improve the efficiency of operations. As a mobile store owner, you must look for hundreds of things daily. Out of all the hassles, the most important and time-taking issue is managing inventory manually. You have countless products in your shop with numerous variants for each of them. For example, manually recording the addition and deduction could take a lot of time if you have a single mobile cover of the iPhone 12 in many colors and multiple pieces for each color. That is just one example, and you have a huge inventory with hundreds of pieces that you must manually count daily because any item lost is a direct loss.

Save Yourself from Loss!


Manual inventory management was something people used to do, but in today’s era, you have digital ways of managing inventory safely, quickly, and accurately. One of the best apps to manage inventory is the Udhaar Book app. Udhar Digi khata app not only helps you with inventory management but also helps you with almost all the primary factors of managing the business efficiently. Udhaar khata book app offers features like cash book, digital invoicing, free POS, staff book, and much more to save you from all manual management troubles.

Wonders Udhaar Book can do for you.

Udhar Digi khata app can make managing inventory for your mobile store a matter of minutes. The easy-to-use interface makes it super simple to add and deduct stock. For instance, you purchased a box full of iPhones and now have multiple models in various colors. The manual method would require you to write down all the details when you add the inventory, and then you would be required to keep a record of the units sold separately. Then at day end, you have to count the number of units sold and deduct that from the inventory. This entire time-taking and tiring activity will get you through just one day, and you will be doing all this again tomorrow. Udhaar Book can save you from this monotonous routine and fatigue.

To make this work fine, there are just a couple of things needed from your end;

    • You have to add the products along with the quantity, cost, and selling prices to your stock book once, and Udhar Digi khata will be taking charge from there.


    • After adding the products, you can use the Udhar Book app to record your credit or cash sales.


  • While recording sales in the Udhar khata book app, it allows you to select a product from your inventory that you previously uploaded. Upon selecting the product, the invoice automatically updates the bill amount and deducts the inventory accordingly in real-time.

Udhaar Book can help eliminate this tiresome activity of manually managing the inventory every day. Udhaar Book is a perfect partner in managing day-to-day operations. Features like cash book, digital invoicing, free POS, and staff book save you from all sorts of troubles and ensure smoother business operations. Furthermore, Udhaar Book offers an easy load feature through which you can earn extra money without any risks. The easy load feature is a safe and instant way of earning more from your shop. Udhaar Book is available on App Store and Play Store and is 100% free. You can also use the Udhaar Book web app from your PC.

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