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Struggling With Hisaab? Udhaar Book Got You Covered

Struggling With Hisaab? Udhaar Book Got You Covered

Struggling with Hisaab? Udhaar Book Got You Covered.

If your bakery is still relying on register to maintain hisaab kitab then you must’ve faced challenges such as losing khata, having tea spilled on some of the pages, or even torn pages in some scenarios making it impossible for you to accurately maintain hisab. What adds more to your troubles is that to stay in business your bakery store needs to sell fresh products daily which leads to tons of cash flow regularly. Manually handwriting every incoming and outgoing can be a hassle, and finding it could be another headache.

Udhaar Book app can be the best solution for you as it offers an amazing cash book feature. With the cash book feature, you can record all your cash inflows and outflows with complete details such as the product sold, quantity, product type, mode of payment, just a few clicks on your mobile phone. Additionally, Udhaar Book allows users to send digital invoices to customers instead of handwritten parchis, ensuring that your invoices are error-free. Udhaar Book is available for both App Store and Play Store devices, and you can also use the Udhaar Book web app for free.

How the Cashbook feature can minimize your worries

The cash book feature has numerous perks some of which are listed below

    • Easy & Simple: Cash book in Udhaar khata book app is super easy to understand and use. The clean interface and ability to change the app language in Urdu and regional languages enables retailers across Pakistan to manage their business smartly.


    • Add Notes: With the Udhar Digi khata app, you can add notes to every transaction, which you can access later. For instance, if you have taken a loan, you can write the terms and conditions for that transaction and can view it later.


    • Add Contact: With this feature in Udhaar Book’s cashbook, you can add a contact of the person from whom you are receiving or to whom you’re paying cash. This way, you get the contact details of your customers, and you can use them later for marketing purposes.


    • Add Category: With the Udhar khata book app, you can also sort the transactions into various categories. The Udhar book has a few in-built categories, such as salary, sale, bonus, income from rent, profit, and deposit and you can manually add a category as well.


    • Add Item: You have to add your inventory to Udhaar Book’s manage your stock tab under favourites for this to work. If you have already done that, sales recording couldn’t get any simpler. Just click on “Add Item” and choose the product sold from the inventory list. As soon as you choose the product, the transaction amount will be automatically updated, making the cash entry process simpler and saving you time and energy daily.


    • Add Image: Sometimes, there are instances where you need to store an image with the receipt. For instance, it is essential to keep record of the sales order when receiving goods from supplier for the bakery. Keeping a record of all the relevant pictures would be a piece of cake with this added image feature in the cashbook.


    • Payment Method (Cash/Bank/Wallet): If someone transfers the amount to your Udhaar wallet or your bank account, you can record those transactions by changing the payment method to Wallet in the Udhaar Digi khata app’s cashbook feature.


  • Print Free Professional Receipts: If you are logged in from a PC and have a printer connected, as soon as you hit save after entering all the details in the cash book, the Udhar khata book web app will automatically print a proper and professional receipt. The receipt will have all the details mentioned. If it’s for a customer, the receipt will show all the products purchased, and if you have given cash to someone against a bill or a loan, you can use these receipts as a receiving note.

Udhaar Book can do wonders with your business. Udhaar Book helps in eliminating manual recording and also helps in avoiding errors. Udhaar Book helps you efficiently manage your Udhar with customers and suppliers, manage your cash and credit sales, manage your staff, and a lot more from your smartphones. Udhaar Book is available for both App Store and Play Store devices, and you can also use the Udhaar Book web app.

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