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Simplify Salary Calculation with Staff Book

Simplify Salary Calculation with Staff Book

Simplify Salary Calculation with Staff Book

If you are running an auto repair shop, you must have hundreds of new and repeat customers walk into your shop for car service, repair, polishing or just a fuse fix. As an auto repair shop owner, you cannot deal with every customer, nor can you always stay at your shop to keep account of every worker and the hours they put in daily. Manually managing your staff attendance and salaries can be pretty time-consuming and likely to have calculation errors. What you need is a solution that simplifies staff management so you can focus more on cars and auto repair.

The perfect solution for you is the Udhaar app which is the top-ranked business app for easy payroll management. With the staff book feature of Udhaar easykhata you can easily monitor the employees of your auto repair shop, mark their attendance, track overtime dues, deduct late comings, adjust advance payment, and pay salaries to your staff on time. The Udhaar book app’s staff book feature is designed to monitor your staff performance digitally. You can download the Udhaar app to your Android and IOS devices. You can use the Udhaar book on your desktop as well.

Being a mechanic, there is a lot to do. Your employees may have to work overtime checking tires and brakes, replacing spark plugs and batteries, and engaging in other similar tasks. Manual overtime calculations of each staff member separately are next to impossible. With Udhaar easykhata payroll management, you can quickly perform this hectic task.

You can create your employee profile using the Udhaar app by these steps:

  • Enter your employee’s name and contact number


  • Select the type of his salary (monthly, weekly, daily, hourly)


  • Enter his salary in digits


  • Select his regular working hours


  • Add the date of joining


By saving the entire data, you can easily manage the employees of your auto repair shop. It allows you to manage employee attendance, overtime & salary in one place through a single app. The Udhaar digikhata enables you to specify each employee’s working days and hours for better and easy payroll management. The Udhaar app allows you to easily record advance payments or pending dues. Your staff will always be paid on time. This way, you can reduce manual errors and save time in the overall record-keeping of payroll. The Udhaar book is 100% free and safe. You can download the Udhaar app to your Android and IOS devices or use the Udhaar book on your desktop. Manage your employees using the staff book and accelerate your auto repair business.

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