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Send Reminders and Recover Udhaar with Udhaar Book

Send Reminders and Recover Udhaar with Udhaar Book

Send Reminders and Recover Udhaar with Udhaar Book

As an owner of a garment store, you come across the experience of meeting various customers. A few of them pay you the amount in cash on the spot, but several customers operate on partial payments and loans. It gets tedious to recover the outstanding amount from your loyal customers, especially when the billing amount is low, like for dyeing clothes. In addition, you feel awkward asking your regular customers for the due payments.

There is an easy way to skip the hesitation in asking for outstanding payments and recover Udhaar efficiently. The Udhaar app is the best khata app in Pakistan that helps you send reminders and efficiently collect the due payments through a single app. The Udhaar easy khata app helps you keep an eye on every customer who owes you money and the exact amount they need to pay you. You can download the Udhaar khata book app to your IOS and Android devices for free. You can also maintain your garment store’s khata on the computer with the Udhaar web app.

The Udhaar app brings a fantastic Udhaar Book feature under the name “Accounts”. The Udhaar digikhata app has significantly reduced errors that arise due to manual methods of keeping Udhaar records. You can manage the entire khata of all your customers and monitor outstanding payments. The Udhaar khata book app helps you send reminders to your customers who owe you money, and your customers can pay the due amount by clicking on the link you have provided. Furthermore, you can generate PDF reports of your customers’ khata and share them with your customers.

Udhaar easy khata app helps you, as a garment business owner, in maintaining your ledger digitally on your phone. Using the Udhaar digikhata app, you can send unlimited SMS to your debtors and request payment. It helps you record every udhaar transaction with its unique payment links feature. With the fantastic Udhaar Book app, you can quickly send payment requests to recover credit at your garment store. With this feature of the Udhaar khata book, it is simple to recover Udhaar three times quicker.

The Udhaar app is available for both IOS and Android devices, and you can also use the Udhaar Book web app on a computer. Download the app now, send reminders to your customers, and recover Udhaar three times faster with Udhaar Book.

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