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Send and Request Money Easily with Udhaar App

Send and Request Money Easily with Udhaar App

Send and Request Money Easily with Udhaar App

Many of Pakistan’s middle-class families rely on credit buying when shopping groceries from kiryana stores and mini-marts. This is mainly because it is considered a norm and secondly, rising inflation has made it difficult for an ordinary person to buy certain things all at once. Therefore, some people pay the exact amount immediately, while many keep some amount as a loan and pay the rest.

As the store owner, keeping a record of all of these payments and customer details is pretty challenging. It is even more difficult to remember the due dates and ask them to return the money. On the other hand, remembering the supplier details whom you have to pay can be tough if you don’t have a good record of these payments. The Udhaar digikhata app brings an outstanding feature to solve all payment-related problems. Sending and requesting money is not a hassle using the free, secure and reliable Udhaar app. The Udhaar app is entirely free, and you can download the app to your IOS and Android  devices, or you can use the Udhaar web app for free.

How to Record the Payment Details?

    • Open the Udhaar app and select the option money


  • Select the option request money to get back the money in your wallet or send money for sending money from your Udhaar wallet

Request Money:

    • Select the person whom you want to request money from. You can also add an additional note to him


    • Send him the request through WhatsApp or SMS


  • A link will be sent to the person through which he can pay you in your Udhaar wallet

Send Money:

    • If you want to pay back any person, select the option send and select his name and number along with an optional additional note


    • Verify your ID by entering your CNIC number, front and back photos of CNIC and a selfie


    • Confirm the amount that you have to pay or receive


  • Select bank details or the desired method of payment

With the fantastic feature of the Udhaar app, you can easily send or request money from anyone. It keeps a record of all the payments, either digital or Udhaar, and you can send or request the payment by sharing the payment link. Udhaar digikhata app helps to manage all kinds of payment methods. Whether your customer is paying you through Easypaisa or JazzCash, or he is purchasing from your store on Udhaar, all the details are just a click away in your Udhaar app.

This money transfer is instant, safe, and secure. There is also a limited-time option for up to 5% cashback when you send or recieve money in your Udhaar wallet from JazzCash or Easypaisa. Just verify your ID through the three steps (entering CNIC number, selfie, front and back pictures of your CNIC) and clear all Udhaar through this outstanding limited-time offer. The risk-free Udhaar app is accessible on the Android  and IOS. You can use the Udhaar web app for free. Download the app now and ease your payments with the Udhaar book app.

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