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Say Goodbye to Manual Invoicing. Use Udhaar Book

Say Goodbye to Manual Invoicing. Use Udhaar Book

Say Goodbye to Manual Invoicing. Use Udhaar Book

Having a business with smooth and efficiently managed operations is an absolute blessing. Especially if you own a mobile shop, you must look into various factors personally to ensure effective management. Managing sales, inventory, employees, expenses, etc., requires a lot of your time and effort. For a mobile shop, two key factors can have a negative impact on the profitability and operations of your business;

  1. Managing Invoices: Most of your clients are the people you already know. That is why having pending invoices is normal. But tracking those invoices is a problem that is part of your daily routine. That is because you have a pile of handwritten bill books, and you have to look for pending invoices manually. This would result in missing out on a few invoices and delays in payments.
  2. Inventory Management: There are several different types of products in a mobile shop, each with hundreds of variants. Inventory is being sold and purchased daily, so you need to maintain the stock levels daily. Using manual methods adds to the trouble, making it too time-consuming and leaving behind little time for other important matters.


Most mobile shop owners like you wish to have a solution to make all this accountability easy and less time-consuming. You can find multiple apps claiming to offer a complete solution, but there is always a catch. Either the app has limited features or the app asks for a fortune to give you access to the “Premium” version. After going through all such options, you would have given up your hunt for an effective solution and made peace with how you were working in the past. Well, you shouldn’t stop looking because there is an app that offers a comprehensive solution to manage all the aspects of your business without paying even a single penny. In fact, this app is the only app that offers an inventory management function absolutely free!

The Only Solution to Manage Everything!

The only solution to all your challenges is Udhaar Book. You only need to download Udhaar Book on your smartphone, and you can solve all your problems for free! Udhaar Book is a one-stop solution to handle such issues without investing too much time or effort. Udhar Digi khata app can help get rid of manual recording and tracking, eventually streamlining your operations in no time. With the Udhaar khata book app, you can solve both of the mentioned core issues in a matter of minutes.

Managing Inventory Just Got Better!

Udhaar khata book app offers a complete inventory management solution to record all your products with relevant details. Udhar Book also enables you to set a minimum inventory level for each product and sends an alert when the quantity gets closer to the minimum inventory level. Udhaar Book allows you to add unlimited products to your inventory without charges. You can now add all sorts of mobile phones, chargers, headphones, covers, protectors, etc., with their respective quantity, cost price & selling price. Udhar Book has linked its inventory management feature with the billing feature. When preparing an invoice, the Udhaar Digi khata app lets you select a product from the inventory. As soon as you select a product, the invoice is automatically updated with the product’s price and the quantity of the product sold is automatically deducted from the inventory. This way, the inventory is constantly updated in real-time, and the Udhar khata book app eliminates the effort of manually managing inventory every day, making it easier for you to manage numerous products.

Never Miss An Invoice!

With the Udhaar Digi khata app, you can create digital invoices for all your transactions using the Bill Book feature. Instead of using those manual and unprofessional parchis, make professional invoices on your smartphone. All the invoices are stored in your Udhar Digi khata app, and you can access them whenever possible. You can also send the invoice directly to the customer via WhatsApp. Switching to digital invoicing will save you from the hassle of maintaining handwritten bill books and also help you track old invoices without wasting time.

Udhaar Digi khata app is not just an app where you can only make invoices and manage inventory. Udhaar Book is a one-stop solution to help you stand apart from the competition and helps you manage your mobile shop without any hassles. Udhaar Book also enables you to eliminate manual recording and facilitates businesses in error-free management. With multiple features like cash book, credit book, staff book, and easy load, Udhaar Book is not only the perfect partner for businesses but also provides you with an opportunity to earn more without any risks. Udhaar Book is available for both IOS and Android devices, and you can also use the Udhaar Book web app.

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