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Recover Udhaar with Instant Digital Payments

Recover Udhaar with Instant Digital Payments

Recover Udhaar with Instant Digital Payments

An increase in the price level directly increases the debt. When expenses are more than income, people usually ask for debt. Many customers come to you to purchase groceries on debt, and you take debts from your suppliers. Remembering credit transactions and reminding customers to pay you back is tedious. Managing your business, requesting them in person, or calling them separately for repayment is a hectic task. You need a single digital platform to record these details to run your business smoothly.

The Udhaar book features a single and the most convenient digital platform for keeping a record of your credit business payments and dealings. With Udhaar Book, you can easily record the debt your customers have to pay, request payments, and recover the credit, all in one place. The Udhaar digikhata app is the fastest way to recover udhaar, manage collections, and recover payments anywhere, anytime. Additionally, the Udhaar app features 100% risk-free payment methods and offers secure digital payments. The Udhaar book is free, and you can download the Udhaar app to your IOS and Android devices or use the Udhaar Book web app for free.

With the Udhaar book, it is easy to record the details of your debtors and manage khata for unlimited customers. Paying money and getting paid is made easy with Udhaar book. To clear credit payments, you need to follow the these steps:

    • Open the Udhaar app from your device


    • Add customers or suppliers


    • Add the amount of money you have to pay them, or they have to pay you
    • Select the option between ‘Search” and “PDF” for “Lein Dein”
    • Filter out your desired transaction type either “Maine diye” for the money you have given as debt or “Maine liye” for the money you have taken, and you have to pay
    • You can also sort by most recently added, by name (A to Z), or by the amount


Maine Diye

    • To take back the debt, click on the “Request” button next to the name added


    • Confirm the amount, and you can change the amount of money as well


    • Send the message through WhatsApp or SMS


    • It will provide your customer a link through which he can pay you


Maine Liye

    • For paying money, click on the “Send” button next to the name


    • Complete CNIC verification if you haven’t verified your ID already


    • Confirm the amount that you have to pay


    • Select bank details or your desired method of payment


    • Pay the amount directly to your supplier/customer


This way, you can quickly receive payments from debtors and can pay your supplier using the Udhaar digikhata app. You can save the image and generate the record of payments. Udhaar easykhata has made it simple to manage unlimited customer khata in one place. The Udhaar book is 100% free and secure. The risk-free Udhaar app is accessible on the Android and IOS. You can use the Udhaar web app for free. Download the app now and ease your payments with the Udhaar Book app.

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