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Recover Udhaar in No Time!

Recover Udhaar in No Time!

Recover Udhaar in No Time!

The prices of all commodities have witnessed a sharp increase due to the worsening economy. Whether it is petrol, rice, flour or any other basic necessity, the prices are constantly increasing everyday. The increasing inflation makes it very difficult to make ends meet for the majority of the people in Pakistan. Due to stagnant income, rising prices, and uncertain economic conditions, a change in the purchasing pattern is observed by most shopkeepers. People have reduced their expenses on products of basic necessities. Despite this, most middle-class families are out of funds in the last few days of every month, and because of this, they have to buy groceries on credit till the next month starts.

As a store owner, you would have also witnessed an increase in people buying on credit. All these credit purchases make it difficult for you as your funds are blocked, and the credit keeps piling up. For most people, asking for your money back is much more tough and awkward than refusing customers for credit purchases. This leads to unavailability of funds, making it more difficult for you to purchase stock or manage shop & personal expenses. There are two ways for you to tackle this issue. Either you can start by refusing people credit, or you have to start asking people to pay your dues. Refusing people is something that will hurt your relationship with your frequent customers. Moreover, as there are many such customers, you have to sell on credit just to lock the receivables. But there is a solution to help you ask for your money back without having awkward conversations.


The quickest way to recover your Udhaar!

When it comes to recovering udhaar, the Udhar khatabook app offers an entirely automated way to help you recover your udhaar in no time. Udhaar Digi khata is here to save you from the awkwardness of asking people for the amount they owe. Udhar khata book app is an easy-to-use, one-stop solution to handle multiple aspects of your shop, including the recovery of udhaar. Using Udhar Book can help you manage your cash and credit transactions, your staff, your inventory, and much more.

Enable Udhaar Book to Help You!

To utilize the udhaar feature to its maximum potential, you have to make sure you are following all these mentioned points:

    1. Record All Credit Transactions: Whether it is a credit sale or you have lent money to someone, record all such transactions in the Udhaar Book.


    1. Add Contact Details: Whenever you record a credit transaction, make sure you enter the mobile number of that customer too. The number will be used later for


  1. Set a Date of Return: Whenever you lend someone money, or a customer buys something on credit, you have a date in mind when you want your money back. Just enter that date while recording that particular transaction.

Recover Udhaar 3x fast with Udhaar Book

Once you have recorded all the credit transactions with the contact details and date of return, the Udhaar Digi khata app is ready to do its magic. Udhaar Book will help you in two ways to recover your udhaar 3x faster;

    • Send Automated Reminder Messages: The date of return you mentioned while recording the transaction doubles as a reminder date where the Udhar khata book app sends an automated reminder message to the person on the mobile number you added. Other than the automated messages, you can even send multiple reminder messages from the app. Similarly, if you have to pay an amount to someone, the Udhar book app will also remind you of the payment.


  • Separate Customer Statements: Udhaar khata book app creates separate statements for all the debtors and creditors. It reflects the inflows and outflows for every person with complete details. You can use this to see the amount due by every individual and the amount you need to pay to different people.

Using the Udhaar Book can help you overcome the awkwardness of repeatedly asking for the amount due. Along with managing udhaar, Udhaar Book is a perfect partner in managing day-to-day operations. Features like cash book, digital invoicing, inventory management, and staff book save you from all sorts of troubles and ensure smoother business operations. Furthermore, Udhaar Book offers an easy load feature through which you can earn extra money without any risks. The easyload feature is a safe and instant way of earning more from your shop. Udhaar Book is available on the App Store and Play Store and is 100% free. You can also use the Udhaar Book web app from your PC.

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