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Keep track of Credit Sales with Udhaar Book

Keep track of Credit Sales with Udhaar Book

Keep track of Credit Sales with Udhaar Book

Your grocery store when run smartly can easily attain expansion by gradually attracting more and more clients. Initially, you will be pleased with the influx of customers, purchasing their monthly groceries especially at the beginning of the month. As this is the busiest period of the month, due to bulk purchases by most of your customers the income adds up to a staggering amount. However, as the month ends, you see a decline in purchases. The salaried class is most negatively impacted at the end of the month, which causes them to run out of cash and turn to credit instead of paying cash for goods. As inflation rises, most individuals act in this way. However, late repayments lead you to a situation where you have a shortage of cash. Due to this, you will eventually have trouble restocking for next month.

To keep away from such a circumstance you can either stop accepting credit purchases, which will cause you to lose customers, or you can keep a record of creditors and follow up to get money back . However, this requires a lot of time and effort, and it can be hectic as it’s an additional responsibility on top of managing your grocery store operations.


In Pakistan, it’s common to practice for people to be late with their loan repayments, yet this may cause issues for you. The best and quickest way to get your money back on schedule and be relieved of all your problems is to use the Udhaar Book app to manage all of your credit and  Udhar transactions. Udhar book app is a simple, one-stop solution for managing all elements of your business, including the recovery of Udhaar. The most practical way to get your Udhaar from your customers is with Udhaar Book. You can easily download the app from the App Store and Play Store for free. Udhaar Book provides a fully automated method for speedy Udhaar recovery.

Recovering Udhaar now is not a problem!

It’s pretty easy to recover Udhaar with the Udhaar Book. All you have to do is record the credit transactions and the Udhaar Book will handle the rest. Please note that:

    • Your credit transactions must be entered into the Udhar Digi khata app’s credit book function.


  • You must enter the return date and your customer’s contact details to collect your udhaar 3x faster.

You will be halfway to getting your Udhaar back once you have entered everything into your Udhaar khata book app. The Udhaar Digi khata app will assist you in retrieving Udhaar more quickly using automatic methods. Udhaar Book helps you in recovering your udhar by following ways:

    • As you have specified the collection date when recording the transactions, the Udhaar Digi khata app automatically sends a message to your store customers to remind them of the udhar amount.


    • The Udhar Khata Book app automatically keeps separate statements for each debtor. With the information present in the statement, you can see the total inflows, outflows and the balance for each customer.


  • Using the statement, you can send reminders from the app, and the recipient will interpret them as automated messages. The Udhar khata book app allows you to use this data and send reminders.

Using the Udhaar Book app, recovering your Udhaar is now simple. The ideal companion for handling daily activities is Udhaar Book. Features like cash book, digital invoicing, inventory management, free POS, and staff book offer better business operations while saving you from various problems. You can easily download the app from the >App Store and Play Store for free. You can also use the free Udhaar Book web app from your PC.

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