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Keep Employees Motivated with Udhaar Book

Keep Employees Motivated with Udhaar Book

Keep Employees Motivated with Udhaar Book

In today’s world, managing a business is very challenging, especially for a clothing store, because of the intense competition and the financial constraints brought on by the economic conditions.The inconvenience caused by receiving their salaries late is enough to make employees dissatisfied, along with other financial circumstances cause them to give less than their best effort. Considering the current situation, the employees cannot receive a raise due to the economic climate. Still, the absolute minimum you could do is to pay them promptly and compensate them for their overtime. These actions would be sufficient to maintain their loyalty and happiness at work. However, all of this necessitates maintaining records of employee entry, exit, and other actions, as well as managing paperwork, which may lower productivity on your part due to the workload. There is a solution to this difficulty, as there is to every other problem, and it is a good one, the Udhaar book app.


Best way to keep employees happy.

The best way to keep an employee happy and motivated is to give them the compensation accurately and on time. Businesses like yours can use Udhaar Book to manage this and benefit greatly from the staff book function. Udhaar Book is a complete and practical solution to help you manage your business more effectively. With all that Udhaar Book strong offers, running your business efficiently gets easier. Udhar Digi khata app’s staff book is a free payroll manager that can manage practically everything in a simpler way than a pricey payroll management system. The best part about all this is that Udhaar Book is both 100% free and available on App Store and Play Store.

Wonders you can do with Udhaar Book!

    • Setting up an employee profile is quick and simple: You must provide the employee’s name, phone number, salary type, and joining date. Additionally, you can include their mobile number, title, and account information.


    • Unlimited Staff Members: The Staff Book in the Udhar Digi khata app allows you to add and manage an unlimited number of staff members.


    • Various Staff Member Types: You can add employees with monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly pay types using Udhaar Book.


    • Choose Working Days and Hours: For better payroll administration, Udhar Book lets you choose each employee’s working days and hours.


    • Daily Attendance: You can note the attendance in minutes while viewing a complete list of personnel on your screen.


    • Paid Leave, Late Fees, and Overtime Can Be Added/Subtracted: Udhar khata book app also enables you to subtract late fees, indicate paid leaves, and add over time.


    • Manage Salary Advances: Udhaar Digi khata makes it simple to keep track of the advances given to each employee.


    • Print and Share Salary Slips: Udhaar khata book app keeps track of every employee’s daily records, and with just one click, you can download or share the report with the employee.


    • Create an Attendance Report: The staff book in the Udhaar khata book allows you to create daily, weekly quickly, and monthly attendance reports.


  • Pay through the App: Using the Udhaar Book app, you can make online salary payments to your employee’s Jazz Cash and Easypaisa accounts.

Using the staff book feature of the Udhaar Book app can be super beneficial for your workplace and business. In addition to helping you with your staff management needs, other Udhaar Book features like the cash book, digital invoicing, inventory management, free POS, and bill book ensure smoother business operations and saves you from a variety of headaches. Udhaar Book is free and available on both the App Store and Play Store. You can also use the Udhaar Book web app from your PC.

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