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How’s Udhaar App Helping During COVID-19?

How’s Udhaar App Helping During COVID-19?

How’s Udhaar App Helping During COVID-19?

Since most of the businesses are shut down or restricted to operate in the instructed hours, the majority of the owners are not making enough. There are plenty of examples of businesses that you can’t – even if you try – run from home.

You definitely don’t want your customers to reach in these tight situations but if they don’t get to you, you can’t sell them. No sales, no income generation, no rolling of commodities; well, this is what Coronavirus is.

The good news is, if your business is in Pakistan and you were using the Udhaar app before the pandemic, you still have a chance to recover most of your debt. Not only the outstanding Udhaar but also the lost customers.


The Udhaar Recovery

People outside the boundaries of Pakistan may not understand this, but if you are living in Pakistan, you have to sell goods on credit. This is the norm here, people will purchase goods from you for as low as five rupees and would pay you later.

It might sound weird but to be very honest, this is a good thing. In Pakistan, you never run out of supplies. You go to the store, buy whatever you want and request owners to pay them later. They are good with it unless customers consistently keep forgetting it.


Udhaar App at Home

While you are at home doing nothing but worrying about business. Here’s what you can do. You have got all your contacts from your customers. With the Udhaar app, you can send them free reminder messages or customized messages to remind them of their outstanding Udhaar.

You may have Udhaar amounting to as low as a hundred rupees or as high as hundreds of thousands. You can simply send them a kind reminder with their names on the header and ask them to pay off their debts as soon as the conditions get better.


Customer Retention

As I said above, You have got a long list of your customers’ information. You can use that information to keep up with them. Ask them if everything is going fine with them. If there’s anything you can do to help them.

You see people really need help in this upheaval. Just like you, your customers are also suffering since all the businesses are shut down. People are short of money and looking for some relief, and I think you can be the savior. Even if you can not help with a single penny, calling your customers just to ask how they are doing is sufficient enough to make them feel good. I promise you that your little help will always be remembered and you will never lose those customers.


Little Bit About Udhaar App

Udhaar is a FREE application for personal and commercial use. Udhaar app helps you manage credit (Udhaar) with customers and suppliers.

Udhaar app is an online ledger (like an online khata or journal) to record your outstanding debt, and send auto-reminders to customers to increase collection and cash flow. It’s an easy, safe, and reliable app with amazing features like reporting, multi-language support, data backup, offline mode, and many, many more.

It sends a reminder message to all your customers who have their payment outstanding and may have unintentionally forgotten to clear the dues.


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