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Handle your Pharmacy Operations with Udhaar App

Handle your Pharmacy Operations with Udhaar App

Handle your Pharmacy Operations with Udhaar App

From stocking medicines and injections to maintaining sales records, pharmacy operations can get tricky. As a medical store owner, you have to monitor your store’s operations for business efficiency carefully. You should be aware of the quantity of a specific medicine along with the profits you make daily, weekly, and monthly. A digital khata can help streamline your pharmacy management by letting you cover more work in a limited time.

If you are looking for the best free khata app Pakistan, Udhaar Book tops the list. The Udhaar khata book presents Cash Book, Stock Book, Staff Book, and Bill Book features to give you better control of your business. You can use the Udhaar app on your IOS and Android devices. In addition, you can also use the web version of the Udhaar app on the desktop of your pharmacy without any charges.

How to Manage Your Pharmacy with Udhaar App?

Managing your pharmacy comes with a set of challenges. It is not an easy task to keep account of your vast stock, track your sales records, and monitor your employee’s performance. The Udhaar khata book app enables you to monitor your pharmacy easily.

Let’s have a look at a few of the features of the Udhaar app that can make your medical store management easy:

Manage your Stock Efficiently

The primary goal of a pharmacy store owner is to serve customers their required medicines and make more sales. If you keep your stock reports in registers, they will not only take up a lot of space but also take a lot of time to track. The Udhaar app offers a Stock Book feature to manage all your medical stock without any trouble. The feature allows you to mark itemized entries for all medical items along with their names, selling prices, and quantities. In addition, you can look into your inventory item details and generate error-free sales reports with the Udhaar app Stock Book.

Monitor your Pharmacy’s Cash Flows

The first task of monitoring your stock is done by the Udhaar app’s Cash Book. The second most critical thing to look after is cash flows. You should have a clear-cut knowledge of all the cash-in and cash-out details of your pharmacy store. Keeping an eye on your sales and expenses help you get deep into the understanding of your net balance. In addition, you can download the report and retain the transparent proof of your daily, weekly, and monthly earnings.

Track your Staff’s Performance

Handling your workforce is a daunting task. Marking their attendance on a daily basis on notebooks takes time. All you need is to have a digital system to track your staff’s performance. The Udhaar app presents a Staff Book feature with which you can monitor your pharmacy store employees easily. The Staff Book feature allows you to add all your employees and mark their presence with a single click. In addition, you can separately view the entire month’s attendance record of each employee with the Udhaar khata app. Along with jotting their presence, you can pay your employees timely salaries with a single tap. Furthermore, it enables you to add overtime, late fines, and paid holidays for specific employees. Not only this, but the Udhaar app Staff Book feature helps you give advance to your staff, which will be deducted from their monthly pay.

Let your Entire Staff Access the App

The best thing about the Udhaar khata book app is you can access the complete details of your pharmacy anywhere at any time. In addition, all your staff members can log in to the same account of your store and get insights into the business from their own devices. It means all the workers can separately look at the remaining amount of medicines and can update the cash-in entries whenever a purchase is made.

Learn more about how your entire workforce can use a single pharmacy account for efficient management: Manage your Pharmacy Store with Udhaar Multi-User Feature

Bottom Line

Ultimately, the Udhaar app is the best khata app in Pakistan to handle your pharmacy operations without any hassle. You can operate your medical store and manage all your cash dealings, staff reports, and stock requirements using the Udhaar app’s advanced features. The Stock Book, Cash Book, and Staff Book feature lets you monitor your entire pharmacy operations from any location at any time. The multi-user feature enables all your workers to use a single account on their devices. It helps your workforce to view and update all pharmacy operations.

The Udhaar digikhata app is completely free of cost. It is secure and easy to use, and you can download the Udhaar app on your Android or IOS for free. You can use the Udhaar web app on your desktop. Download the app and handle your pharmacy with the Udhaar app.

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