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Generate Itemized Invoices with Bill Book

Generate Itemized Invoices with Bill Book

Generate Itemized Invoices with Bill Book

Kiryana stores are packed with a large amount of inventory, giving customers a wide range of options to choose from. Something as basic as rice has numerous different types with varying prices according to quality. As an owner of a kiryana store, your customers often bought something from your store but they desired to buy something else so they ask for an exchange and return. However, managing all khata manually is a hectic task. In addition, you can lose the sales details and could not be able to make an exchange of the product with transparency.

In order to manage your kiryana store, you need an easier system through which you can avoid errors and manage transactions and calculations quickly. The Udhaar digikhata app can help you easily manage your business as it is the best khata app in Pakistan. The Udhaar khatabook helps you manage all the operations of your kiryana store smoothly. It enables you to generate itemized invoices so you can deal with your customers efficiently. Udhaar best khata app can help you get rid of the manual recording of sales details with its bill book feature. It aids you in generating proper invoices in just ten seconds and sharing them with your customers. The Udhaar app is available on IOS and Android. You can download the app or use the Udhaar app on your desktop for free.

How to Generate Invoices with Bill Book?

    • Tap on the bill book feature under the menu option


    • Select sales invoice


    • Add the item, its quantity, and the selling price (You can add more than one item)


    • Add the total amount of the invoice in Rupees


    • Select whether it is paid or unpaid


    • For paid invoices, you can select the payment option (Optional)


    • Select your customer


    • You can additionally add a separate note or picture of the bill by choosing mazeed maloomat


With Udhaar easy khata, you can generate itemized invoices with complete information digitally and you can share the invoice details with your customer directly on WhatsApp. Moreover, the Udhaar app provides a hassle-free solution with its bill book feature to make record-keeping and maintenance quicker and easier. The bill book feature in Udhaar Book is relatively easy to use. Using the Udhaar khatabook app, you can create multiple customized invoices in a few minutes and send them directly to your customers right from your mobile phone.

Professional digital invoices will not only save you from fraud and scams but also positively impact your kiryana store. You can manage exchanges and returns effectively using the Udhaar book bill book feature. Udhaar easy khata app can be downloaded from the IOS and Android, and you can use Udhaar through the web app. Download the app now and generate itemized invoices with the bill book.

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