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Efficiently Collect Weekly Payment with Udhaar Book

Efficiently Collect Weekly Payment with Udhaar Book

Efficiently Collect Weekly Payment with Udhaar Book

Running a home-based business comes with its own set of difficulties. The major challenge is payment collection from your customers. Ladies home chefs who cook meals, deliver food to offices, and receive weekly payments find it difficult to manage the entire payment details. Being a home-chef, you have to know the payment details of the customers who has paid you and whose money is outstanding. Therefore, it is necessary to have an efficient payment collection method to run your home-based restaurant smoothly.

The Udhaar easy khata app brings the simplest solution for all your payment-related worries. Udhaar digikhata app is the number one khata app in Pakistan that helps you recover payments from your customers easily. Udhaar app brings a fantastic feature of mahana payments to send payment requests to all of your customers with a single click and get paid instantly. It prevents the hassle of making continuous calls or going door-to-door to your customers to make payment requests. The Udhaar app is available on Android and IOS. You can also use the Udhaar app on the desktop for free.

How to Collect Weekly Payments from Customers?

    • Select the mahana payment feature under the menu option


    • Tap on create new group option


    • Add your customers


    • Enter the name of the group. For instance, you offer 3 different food deals and packages which are Meat meal, Vegetable meal and Combination meal. You can create a group for the customers that avail each of the packages from you: Group 1 (Meat meal), Group 2 (Vegetable meal), Group 3 (Combination meal)


    • Enter the amount each customer from a specific group has to pay you


    • Select the option weekly under the collection cycle


    • Add the number of weeks till then they have to pay you and the starting date of payment


With a single click, you can send payment requests to the customers of each group and remind them to pay the outstanding amount. In addition, it allows you to send separate requests to the group members who haven’t paid you yet. Udhaar easy khata app helps you collect weekly payments from your customers without the hassle of asking them continuously or going to their doors for this purpose.

Moreover, the Udhaar easy khata helps you add more members to the pre-existing groups as well as removing the ones who stop taking your home-made food packages. Under the mahana payments in Udhaar app, you can go to the particular group which you want to edit. You can edit the details of that group by tapping on the pencil icon beside the group name. Udhaar digikhata mahana payment feature enables you to add more members by tapping on add members and you can click on the cross on previously added members to remove them.

The Udhaar app is entirely free and secure to use. The Udhaar easy khata app enables you to generate the pdf report of payments as well, and you can share the screenshot with the specific group members. You can download the Udhaar khatabook app to your IOS and Android devices for free. The Udhaar web app is also available for your desktop.

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