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Earn Without Investment with Udhaar Bill Payment

Earn Without Investment with Udhaar Bill Payment

Earn Without Investment with Udhaar Bill Payment

It is said, “No pain, no gain.” In business, there’s nothing you can earn without investment. As a merchant running your mobile store, you have a limited source of income. A certain amount of money is to be invested in order to earn more. Making money without investment and hassle is now within reach using the Udhaar Book app.

The bill payment feature of the Udhaar book is a win-win situation for both customers and merchants. WIth the Udhaar book bill payment feature, merchants can pay their customers bills at their shop, eliminating their worries of waiting in long queues in banks for payment of utility bills. This outstanding feature has made the lives of customers easy. They can pay their accounts at any retailer without any time issues or rush hour. The amount of money customers pay to merchants is added to the merchant’s udhaar wallet. All you need is a phone to attain this win-win situation. Just download the Udhaar Book App to your Android or IOS, or use the Udhaar book web app for free on the desktop.

The best thing about this bill payment feature of the Udhaar digikhata is the app does not charge any extra transaction fee. It does not include any additional platform fee charges. Hence, no investment is required. The amount paid by the customer is transferred directly to the merchant’s wallet without any extra transaction procedure. This way, the electricity, gas, and water bills are quickly paid and the merchant is able to earn commission by paying these bills.

To earn commission on bill payments with Udhaar Book, you don’t need to be a pro. The easy-to-use interface of the Udhaar app helps you understand the bill payment procedure better.

    • You have to select the type of bill (electricity, gas, water, or internet) and the vendor. As for electricity, there are PESCO, K-Electric, and LESCO.


    • Next, you have to enter your account details.


  • You will be shown relevant billing details where you have to tap on the option “pay the bill” to make an online bill payment.

The Udhaar book app adds profits to your income in the form of commission earned. At the same time, it prevents the customers’ worry about paying bills- A win-win situation for both. Consequently, customers’ utility bills are paid without trouble, and the merchant earns up to Rs. 12 commission on every bill. Download the Udhaar book app on your phone from the Android or IOS to utilize the numerous benefits of the Udhaar digikhata app. You can use the Udhaar book web app on your desktop for free. Visit the website to learn more features.

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