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Earn More at your Medical Store with Udhaar Book

Earn More at your Medical Store with Udhaar Book

Earn More at your Medical Store with Udhaar Book

Sometimes running a medical store can get way too challenging to handle. This is mainly because there is a lot to do when it comes to managing all the aspects. As a medical store owner, half of your time is spent managing the inventory, and the rest of the time is invested in dealing with customers. Despite being stranded between these two different poles of tasks all day, the profits don’t seem to increase significantly. The reason for stagnant or decreasing profits can be the rising inflation as people now buy medicines in smaller quantities to save the money they have in hand. This change in purchasing behavior does have a direct impact on your inflows. Along with the impact on inflows, there is also a direct impact on the outflows as they also increase due to rising inflation.

The stagnant profits and rising expenses made many retailers like you think of an alternative income stream that they could easily manage with their medical store. Everyone knows that setting up an additional income stream requires a person to invest money and time to enjoy profits. But given the current economic situation of Pakistan, you also might refrain from investing time and money in any such venture. Knowing all these circumstances, you would have been dreaming of a solution where you could earn extra money without any investments and without going out of the way.


The Secret Way of Earning Extra Money

If you have been looking for such opportunities to make some extra money, then you are at the right place. The solution lies in your cell phone, which you use every day. To start earning instantly, all you have to do is open the App Store/Play Store and download the Udhaar Book app. Udhaar Book app is your digital business manager that can help you operate smoothly with its amazing features. One of those features is Easy Load, which helps hundreds of retailers earn extra money risk-free. You can use your mobile to recharge customers’ cell phones for the highest commission percentage in the country without any risks.

You might think this is not something you should sell in your store but changing that would help you a lot with earning a bit more in a day without any investments or risks. Instead of thinking about the worthiness of selling easyload on your store, you can think about why to start selling easyload. The top two reasons are;

    • People these days are following a budget to combat the rising inflation. Due to this, people prefer adding smaller chunks of amounts to their mobile’s balance. This is something you can make a fortune from if you start selling easyload at your medical store.


  • As you know, trust is of great importance when selecting a medical store to purchase medicines from. You might have all the right products, but a new customer will be reluctant to purchase from you. This is where the Udhar khata book app’s easyload feature can help you build that trust. Easyload is something that can lure in new customers to your shop. The customers would then be able to see your shop and your products. This can lead you to more sales and get more new customers.

Start Earning More in Just 2 Mins!!

Udhaar Digi khata’s easyload is one of the simplest and easiest ways to earn extra money without any extraordinary efforts. Udhar khata book’s easy load feature is super easy to learn and can instantly enable you to start earning immediately. Using the easyload feature in the Udhaar khata book app doesn’t take a lot to set up. You just have to set a screen lock, enter your location and add money to your Udhar wallet. You will be using this money to recharge customers’ cell phones.

Best things about Udhaar Book

Here are the top three perks of using the easyload feature in the Udhaar Book app

    1. 2% Commission, Highest in Pakistan: You get a 2% commission on every recharge completed through Udhaar Book. Udhaar Digi khata app offers the country’s best and highest commission rates.


    1. 100% Risk-Free: Easyload in the Udhaar khata book app is completely risk-free. The balance you will add to your udhar wallet can be withdrawn whenever you want. For example, if you add an amount but do not use it for easyload, you can immediately transfer it back to your EasyPaisa/JazzCash Account in no time.


  1. Weekly Bonus: This is a cherry on top. Udhar khata book app offers a weekly bonus for those who accomplish a weekly target.

Owning a medical store does not restrict you from searching for different income streams.Udhaar Book is the best way to earn extra money in these current economic circumstances. Udhaar Book also provides a wide range of essential services like cash book, credit book, digital invoicing, staff book, and inventory management to help you manage different aspects of your store. Udhaar Book can be downloaded from both the App Store and Play Store. You can also use the Udhaar Book web app right from your PC. Download the Udhaar Book now and start earning extra money instantly.

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