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Double your Mobile Shop Income by Paying Customer Bills

Double your Mobile Shop Income by Paying Customer Bills

Double your Mobile Shop Income by Paying Customer Bills

Paying bills is a hectic task, especially when people choose to pay their bills in the bank. The limited working hours and long queues at banks already haunt customers, and they always want to skip this hassle. The other option is online bill payment, but most people fear money loss through online processes. What they want is a secure platform that skips the bank hassle and provides them with a reliable online method to pay bills. Being an owner of a mobile shop, you can solve your customers’ problems by providing them with a one-stop solution through the Udhaar app.

The Udhaar easy khata app is the best khata app in Pakistan, which lets you pay up to 140 different vendors’ bills and earn a secure commission of up to Rs. 12.25. The Udhaar app offers safe and reliable payment methods for bill payments. You can pay your customers’ electricity, gas, government fees, internet, and water bills at your mobile shop. You can download the Udhaar app on your IOS and Android devices or use the Udhaar web app on your shop’s desktop for free.

How to Pay Your Customers’ Bills with the Udhaar App?

    • Open the app and go to the Pay Bills button under earn money


    • Select the type of bill (electricity, gas, government fees, internet, and water)


    • Select the vendor (For example, for the electricity bill, you can select GEPCO, HESCO, K Electric, LESCO, etc.)


    • Scan the barcode on the bill or manually add the account number


    • Tap on the next button after it shows the bill and commission details


    • Add the customer’s name and phone number


This way, you can pay as many customers’ bills as you want at your mobile shop. In addition, you can also save the image of the successful payment and share it with your customer. The Udhaar digikhata helps you earn up to Rs. 12.25 commission on each bill you pay. When you pay the bill with the Udhaar wallet, the amount gets deducted from your Udhaar wallet, while the commission amount is added into your wallet. Your customer hands you the cash for his bill payment which is the exact amount that got deducted from your wallet. This whole process allows you to earn an incredible commission without spending a single penny.

You can attract more customers to your mobile shop by introducing this bill payment feature, as your customers will find it more accessible compared to banks and secure compared to other online platforms. The Udhaar digikhata is the best free khata app for earning a reliable side income without any investment. You can use the Udhaar app on your IOS and Android devices or the Udhaar Book web app for free. Download the app and pay customers’ bills at your mobile shop to earn a secure commission.

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