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Double Your Kiryana Store Income with Udhaar Book

Double Your Kiryana Store Income with Udhaar Book

Double Your Kiryana Store Income with Udhaar Book

While running a kiryana store in any neighborhood, you can do more for your customers than just satisfy their urgent needs and errand runs. You must be wondering what more can you do. Well, the Udhaar Digi Khata app has introduced the bill payment feature which allows you to be more helpful to your customers and have a second source of income by just being at your store.

With the bill payment feature, you can pay your customers bill, help them avoid long queues at the bank so that they never miss due dates or pay late payments all with Udhaar book app, while you will make up to Rs. 12 commission on every bill you pay. The money you can make with this feature is limitless as there are multiple vendors and bill types such as gas, water, internet, electricity etc. The more customers’ bills you pay the more money you’ll make.

The Udhaar Book app has made it possible for you to have multiple streams while running a kiryana store. With UdhaarDigikhata app you can earn a side income with no risk or time constraint. Just download the Udhaar Book app to your smartphone from App Store or Play Store or use the Udhaar Book web app for free on desktop.

How to pay customers’ bill with Udhaar Book?
To pay customers bills, you first need to add money to your Udhaar wallet with three super easy steps:

    • Set up a screen lock: This guards your money added in the wallet. This will be marked done if you already have a screen lock.


    • Add location: Enter your shop’s location on the app. This will be marked done if you already have your location added.


    • Add money to your Udhaarwallet: Using your EasyPaisa/JazzCash account, you can add money to your wallet. You’ll use this money to pay customers’ utility bills.


Once money is added to wallet, you can instantly start paying customers bills and earning commission. Udhaar Book’s super easy interface helps you better understand the bill payment process. You can start earning by following these easy steps to pay bills:

    • Select bill type and vendor: Choose which bill you want to pay; such as internet, gas, electricity or water bills. Then select region specific vendor. For instance, if you select electricity as your bill type, you will see multiple service providers such as: PESCO, K-Electric, and LESCO.


    • Add billing details: You can either enter your account details by scanning the bill or manually write the account details.


    • Pay bill: You will then be shown relevant billing details and the option to pay the bill. With the Udhaar book app, you can make an online bill payment.


In addition to pay your customers’ bills, the Udhaar Digi khata app has a ton of other interesting features as well. Udhaar Book is a one-stop shop that enables you to identify yourself from the competition and manage your business easily. Udhaar Book enables businesses to manage their operations without making mistakes and reduce manual recording. UdhaarBook is the ideal business partner as it also allows you to generate more money without taking any risks with its features such as staff book, cash book, credit book, and easy load. You can download the app from App Store or Play Store and for desktop you can use the Udhaar Book web app for free.

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