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Collect Maintenance Fee with Udhaar Mahana Payments

Collect Maintenance Fee with Udhaar Mahana Payments

Collect Maintenance Fee with Udhaar Mahana Payments

Collection of payment is one of the most hectic tasks, as most people keep on delaying payment no matter how many times you make a request. One expects that in-person requests would make payment collection easier as people dread confrontation. But with repeat payments, after some time people develop a thick skin and no matter how many times you make a request they always have some excuse. While on the other hand, you start to feel embarrassed and annoyed making the same request again and again. What makes things even more troublesome for you is that late collection results in delayed activities such as delayed building maintenance. Facing delays every month is pretty tedious and exhausting and you need a simple solution to collect maintenance charges.

The simplest and easiest solution to prevent this hassle is the Udhaar app. Udhaar digikhata is Pakistan’s number one business app which is entirely free and safe. The Udhaar app comes with a Mahana payment feature that helps you collect maintenance fees easily. You can request money from all the people living in your building or society to pay you the maintenance charges with a single click. You don’t need to knock on each house for money collection. The Udhaar app is available on Android and IOS. You can also use the Udhaar app on the desktop for free.

How to collect group payment

    • Download the Udhaar app to your phone.


    • Under the menu option, go to Mahana payments.


    • Create a group with any name. For instance: “Maintenance fee.”


    • Add all the people from whom you have to collect maintenance payments.


    • Add the specific amount they have to pay you one time, weekly, or monthly.


    • Add the duration of payments and the starting date of collection.


    • Request maintenance fees from the entire group with a single click.


  • Or you can separately request outstanding payments from selected people.

The Udhaar app enables you to generate the pdf report as well, and you can share the screenshot with your group members. With Udhaar easykhata, you don’t need to tap on every door for maintenance fees. Instead, you can request the charges with one click through the Udhaar app. All the operations of your building or society will be done on time, and there will be no delay in the submission of payments. You can download the Udhaar book app to your Android or IOS. You can use the Udhaar web app for your desktop for free. Download the app and collect maintenance fees with the Udhaar Mahana payments feature without any trouble.

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