Track your Grocery Store’s Sales with Cash Book

Track your Grocery Store's Sales with Cash Book

Sales analysis is the most important part of running a grocery store. Without proper sales evaluation, a grocery store owner can not identify new opportunities to grow and expand the business. As a grocery store owner, paper-based record keeping will not help you in accurate tracking of your store’s sales. Keeping the sales records in notebooks is not only labor-intensive but quite time-consuming. Hence, a quick digital ledger can help you with efficient sales evaluation.

Udhaar Book is the best khata app in Pakistan that helps you in proper sales analysis to manage your business more effectively. Udhaar app presents an exciting feature of Cash Book that allows you to keep an eye on the entire cash transaction at your grocery store. The Cash Book feature is present in the Udhaar app with the name In/Out. The Udhaar khata book app is entirely free and secure. You can use the Udhaar app on your IOS and Android devices. You can also use the Udhaar app on the web for free.

How to Mark Sale Entries in the Cash Book?

    • Open the app and go to the In/Out tab


    • Tap on Cash In


    • Enter the amount of new sale in Rupees


    • Add contact of your customer


    • You can add category, item,and image of item along with payment method


    • You can also add optional notes


    • You can save the information by taping on save


This way, you can mark all your sale entries throughout the day. The Udhaar digikhata is the number one ranked business app that helps you monitor your grocery store sales and generate error-free real-time PDF reports in a few seconds. The Udhaar khata book app can significantly reduce errors from manual accounting by providing you with a digital Cash Book. In addition, the Udhaar digikhata can also save time and effort in maintaining an organized record of sales. You can generate daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports and easily track your grocery store’s progress with the Udhaar easy khata app. The Udhaar digikhata helps you make itemized entries along with the details of contact and category (sale, bonus, profit, deposit, etc.).

The In/Out feature is a one-stop solution to record all the entries of your grocery store, check your daily closing balance, and record your sales. The Udhaar app is entirely free and secure. The data backup feature keeps track of all your cash in and out details in the Udhaar khata book app. Which helps you keep all the data of your grocery store always available at your fingertips, and without the fear of ever losing it. You can use the app on your IOS and Android devices. You can also use the Udhaar app on the web for free. Download the Udhaar app and track your grocery store’s sales with Cash Book.