In today’s competitive world operating a general store successfully is important. To ensure the success of a general store it is necessary to provide the customer an experience they will talk about. This will ensure repeat business and also bring in new customers through referrals. There are plenty of different ways one can use to grow their general store.

One way to grow a general store is to choose the best location to open a general store. One should open a general store in a location where the population is high or where the number of shoppers from the general store is high. And when choosing a location, one should make sure that there is no other general store nearby.  Manual record keeping of daily sales or the profit earned at your general store can be difficult with other general stores in the vicinity. The cash book feature of Udhar book facilitates you to record the daily sales and track income and expenses at your general store. Also the cash book automatically calculates all cash in and cash out and gives you the total profit earned.

Moreover, if customers don’t get the products they want from your general store then they will move to other general stores, this will cause loss of sales. So to meet the demand of customers it is necessary to manage the inventory at your general store. By using Udhar book, which is a digi khata app you can keep record of inventory at your general store. Plus, the inventory management feature of Udhar book facilitates you to get alerts of stock out at your general store so you can order new stock beforehand.

In addition to this Udhar book invoice generator makes it easy to create sales invoices, send digital invoices to customers who have purchased from your general store and also accept digital payments from your customers. Also the invoice maker feature of Udhar book makes it easy to make professional invoices and track paid and unpaid invoices.