How to Link Payoneer Account With Jazz Cash

How to Link Payoneer Account

How to Link Payoneer Account With JazzCash

To begin, open the JazzCash app. (Don’t forget to update the app from the Play Store.)

On the JazzCash App, you will now notice a Payoneer icon.

As shown in the image above, click on the Payoneer account icon.
Now you’ll see some instructions for connecting it to Payoneer.

Now click on Link Account.
It will prompt you to enter your Payoneer account and password. Enter your Payoneer account’s username and password.

You will now be taken to a screen where you can withdraw money as soon as your account has been linked with Payoneer.

As you can see, your Payoneer balance will be displayed on this app, and you will be able to withdraw a minimum of $1 from it. Simply enter the amount and press the transfer button.
The transfer rate is also visible in Yellow Box.

JazzCash and Payoneer Partner Up!

JazzCash and Payoneer Partner Up

JazzCash and Payoneer have partnered to make it easier for Pakistani freelancers to collect cash by allowing them to create or link their Payoneer accounts directly from the JazzCash app.

Freelancers can now register for a new Payoneer account or link their existing Payoneer account to JazzCash through the JazzCash mobile account application. There is no need to go to a bank branch and provide the required papers to open an account.

Payoneer funds can be deposited directly into the Freelancer’s mobile account. The cash can be used to pay utility bills, transfer funds, acquire Mobile Top-ups, and make online payments, among other things, once received. Additionally, money can be easily withdrawn by visiting any of the 80,000+ JazzCash agents or by visiting an ATM near you.